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Zink, Michael

Scalable Video on Demand

Adaptive Internet-based Distribution

€ 141.95

In recent years, the proliferation of available video content and the popularity of the Internet have encouraged service providers to develop new ways of distributing content to clients.

Taal / Language : English

List of Figures.

List of Tables.

About the Author.



1 Introduction.

1.1 Why Scalable Internet Video on Demand Systems?

1.2 What is the Goal of this Book?

1.3 Outline of this Book.

1.4 Who is this Book for?

2 Scalable Adaptive Streaming Architecture.

2.1 Distributed Systems.

2.2 Replication.

2.3 Video Distribution System Terminology.

2.4 Architecture.

2.5 Scenario for Scalable Adaptive Streaming.

2.6 An Example Application for Scalable Adaptive Streaming.

3 Towards a Scalable Adaptive Streaming Architecture.

3.1 Products.

3.2 Standardization.

3.3 Content Scalability Scalable Encoded Video.

3.4 Congestion Control TCP friendliness.

3.5 Adaptive Streaming Streaming Layer encoded Video without Caches.

3.6 System Scalability Caches.

3.7 Reliable Transport into Caches.

3.8 Cache Clusters.

4 Quality Variations in Layer encoded Video.

4.1 What is the Relation between Objective and Subjective Quality?

4.2 Quality Metrics for Video.

4.3 Test Environment.

4.4 Experiment.

4.5 Results.

4.6 The Spectrum.

4.7 Implications for MDC and FGS.

4.8 Summary.

5 Retransmission Scheduling.

5.1 Motivation.

5.2 Optimal Retransmission Scheduling.

5.3 Heuristics for Retransmission Scheduling.

5.4 Viewer centric Retransmission Scheduling.

5.5 Simulations.

5.6 Cache centric Retransmission Scheduling.

5.7 Cache friendly Viewer centric Retransmission Scheduling.

5.8 Summary.

6 Polishing.

6.1 Motivation.

6.2 Polishing and its Applications.

6.3 Existing Work on Polishing.

6.4 Optimal Polishing.

6.5 Simulations.

6.6 Summary.

7 Fair Share Claiming.

7.1 Motivation.

7.2 Performing TCP friendly Streaming in Combination with Retransmissions.

7.3 Implementation Design for FSC.

7.4 Summary.

8 Scalable TCP friendly Video Distribution for Heterogeneous Clients.

8.1 Motivation.

8.2 Transport Scenarios.

8.3 Scalable Streaming Implementations.

8.4 Implementation.

8.5 Experiments.

8.6 Summary.

9 Improved Video Distribution in Today s Internet.

9.1 Improvements through Scalable Adaptive Streaming.

9.2 Outlook.

Appendix A: LC RTP (Loss Collection RTP).

A.1 Motivation.

A.2 Protocol Set for Streaming Media.

A.3 LC RTP Design.

A.4 Use and Integration of Protocols.

A.5 Tests.

A.6 Summary.

Appendix B: Preliminary Subjective Assessment.

B.1 Execution of the Preliminary Assessment.

B.1.1 DSIS Method.

B.1.2 SC Method.

B.2 Selection of the Test Method.

B.2.1 Content.

Appendix C: A Toolkit for Dynamically Reconfigurable Multimedia Distribution Systems.

C.1 Motivation for a Video Distribution Testbed.

C.2 Terminology.

C.3 Design.

C.4 Evaluation.

C.5 Summary.


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290 pagina's
Januari 2005
567 gram
241 x 159 x 25 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen