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W. Yu

Electromagnetic Simulation Techniques Based on the FDTD Method

€ 159.95

This is the first publication that guides readers step by step through the implementation of electromagnetic simulation techniques based on FDTD methods. These simulation techniques serve as an essential bridge between FDTD methods and their applications.

Taal / Language : English


1 Introduction to FDTD Method.

1.1 The FDTD Method.

1.2 Numerical Dispersion.

1.3 Stability Analysis.

1.4 Boundary Conditions.



2 The Advanced FDTD Method.

2.1 Conformal Techniques for PEC Objects.

2.2 Conformal Technique for Dielectric Objects.

2.3 Dispersive Media.

2.4 Circuit Parameters.

2.5 Power Analysis.

2.6 Near to Far Field Transformation.



3 Parallel Computing Techniques.

3.1 Introduction to Parallel Processing Techniques.

3.2 Parallel FDTD Techniques.

3.3 Domain Decomposition Technique.

3.4 Parallel Processing Systems.

3.5 Excitation and Result Collection.



4 Electromagnetic Simulation Techniques.

4.1 Introduction to Simulation Techniques.

4.2 Three Dimensional Modeling Techniques.

4.3 Import CAD Models.

4.4 Mesh Design.

4.5 Excitation and Pulse Design.

4.6 Output Design.

4.7 Domain and Boundary Condition Setting.

4.8 Stability Characteristics of an Absorbing Boundary.

4.9 Project Preprocessing Technique.

4.10 Job Submission.



5 Illustrative Engineering Applications.

5.1 Two Dimensional Problem.

5.2 Dipole Antenna.

5.3 Rectangular Waveguide.

5.4 RCS of PEC and Dielectric Spheres.

5.5 Antennas.

5.6 Microwave Circuits.

5.7 Electromagnetic Interference.

5.8 Electronic Bandgap Structure.

5.9 RFID.

5.10 Standard SAR Test.

5.11 Bioelectromagnetic.

5.12 Helix Antennas.

5.13 Multiple Port Scan Problems.

5.14 Antenna Array.

5.15 Multiscale Problem.



6 Comprehensive Consideration for FDTD Simulation.

6.1 Compute Resource Estimation.

6.2 Mesh Design.

6.3 Excitation Design.

6.4 Simulation Termination.

6.5 Parallel Processing Design.




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206 pagina's
Januari 2009
499 gram
241 x 159 x 19 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen