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Wilson, John

The Handbook of Geographic Information Science

€ 65.95

This Handbook is an essential reference and a guide to the rapidly expanding field of Geographic Information Science.

Taal / Language : English

List of Figures.

List of Contributors.


Geographic Information Science: An Introduction: A. Stewart Fotheringham (National University of Ireland) and John P. Wilson (University of Southern California).

Part I: Data Issues:.

1. The Availability of Geographic Data: The Current Technical and Institutional Environment: David J. Cowen (University of South Carolina).

2. Social Data: David J. Martin (University of Southampton).

3. Remote Sensing: Brian G. Lees (University of New South Wales).

4. Spatialization: Andre Skupin (San Diego State University) and Sara I. Fabrikant (University of Zurich).

5. Uncertainty in Spatial Databases: Ashley Morris (DePaul University).

6. On the Identification of Uncertainties in Spatial Data and Their Quantification with Probability Distribution Functions: James D. Brown (Universiteit van Amsterdam) and Gerald B. M. Heuvelink (Wageningen University and Research Centre).

Part II: Database Trends and Challenges:.

7. Object Oriented Database Management Systems: Shashi Shekhar and Ranga Raju Vatsavai (University of Minnesota).

8. Adding the Z Dimension: Michael F. Hutchinson (Australian National University).

9. Adding Time into Geographic Information Science Databases: May Yuan (University of Oklahoma).

10. Geospatial Data Integration: Craig A. Knoblock and Cyrus Shahabi (University of Southern California).

Part III: Visualization:.

11. Mapping in a Digital Age: William E. Cartwright (RHIT University).

12. Generalization of Spatial Databases: William A. Mackaness (University of Edinburgh).

13. Geographic Information Science and Surfaces: Nicholas J. Tate (University of Leicester), Peter F. Fisher (City University), and David J. Martin (University of Southampton).

14. Fuzzy Classification and Mapping: Vincent B. Robinson (University of Toronto).

15. Rule Based Mapping: A Xing Zhu (University of Wisconsin).

16. Multivariate Geovisualization: Mark Gahegan (Pennsylvania State University).

17. Virtual Reality in Geographic Information Science: Michael Batty (University College London).

Part IV: Knowledge Elicitation:.

18. Inference and Spatial Data: Chris Brunsdon (University of Leicester).

19. Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery: Harvey J. Miller (University of Utah).

20. The Geospatial Semantic Web: Frederico Fonseca (Pennsylvania State University).

Part V: Spatial Analysis:.

21. Quantitative Methods and Geographic Information Systems: Martin Charlton (National University of Ireland).

22. Spatial Cluster Analysis: Geoffrey M. Jacquez (BioMedware, Inc., Ann Arbor).

23. Terrain Analysis: Yongxin Deng (Western Illinois University), John P. Wilson (University of Southern California), and John C. Gallant (CSIRO Land and Water, Canberra).

24. Dynamic Modeling: Jochen Albrecht (City University of New York).

Part VI GIS and Society:.

25. Institutional Geographic Information Science and GI Partnering: David Tulloch (State University of New Jersey).

26. Participatory Geographic Information Science: Daniel Weiner and Trevor M. Harris (West Virginia University).

27. Geographic Information Science and Participatory Decision Making: Piotr Jankowski (San Diego State University) and Timothy L. Nyerges (University of Washington).

28. Surveys of People and Place: Peter H. Dana (Georgetown).

29. Geographic Information, Personal Privacy, and the Law: George C. H. Cho (University of Canberra).

30. Geographic Information in Education: Joseph J. Kerski (Denver Federal Center).

Part VII: Future Trends and Challenges:.

31. Web based Geographic Information Science: Christopher B. Jones (Cardiff University) and Ross S. Purves (University of Zurich).

32. Location based Services and Geographic Information Science: Allan J. Brimicombe (University of East London).

33. Geographic Information Science: The Grand Challenges: Michael F. Goodchild (University of California).

34. Geographic Information Science: Where Next?: Andreas Reuter (European Media Laboratory, Heidelberg) and Alexander Zipf (University of Applied Sciences FH Mainz).

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Paperback / softback
656 pagina's
Januari 2007
1143 gram
241 x 171 x 44 mm
Wiley-Blackwell gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen