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Stephen M. Roberts

Principles of Toxicology

Environmental and Industrial Applications

€ 150.95

Now in a third edition, Principles of Toxicology covers the diverse chemical hazards encountered in the modern work and natural environment, and provides practitioners with clear explanations and practical understanding of the fundamentals necessary for understanding the effects of chemical hazards on human health and ecosystems.

Taal / Language : English

Preface 1. General Principles of Toxicology Robert C. James, Stephen M. Roberts, and Phillip L. Williams 2. Absorption, Distribution, Biotransformation, and Elimination of Toxic Agents Michael R. Franklin 3. Toxicokinetics Rebecca A. Clewell and Harvey J. Clewell III 4. Omics Technologies in Toxicology Mary Jane Cunningham 5. Hematotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Blood Sherilyn A. Gross 6. Hepatotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Liver Robert C. James and Stephen M. Roberts 7. Nephrotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Kidney Lawrence H. Lash 8. Neurotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Nervous System William M. Caudle and Gary W. Miller 9. Dermatotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Skin Sailesh Konda and Howard J. Maibach Dermal Toxiclogy 10. Pulmonotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Lung Cuiqing Liu and Qinghua Sun 11. Immunotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Immune System Eric S. Sobel and Stephen M. Roberts 12. Toxic Effects on Reproduction Mary Hixon 13. Developmental Toxicity Vincent F. Garry and Peter Truran 14. Mutagenesis and Genetic Toxicology Martha M. Moore, Meagan B. Myers, and Robert H. Heflich 15. Chemical Carcinogenesis James E. Klaunig 16. Properties and Effects of Metals David B. Mayfield, Ari S. Lewis, Lisa A. Bailey, and Barbara D. Beck 17. Properties and Effects of Pesticides Janice Britt 18. Properties and Effects of Solvents Christopher M. Teaf, Michele M. Garber, and J. Michael Kuperberg 19. Nanotoxicology Hongbo Ma, Steven Diamond, Georgia Hinkley, and Stephen M. Roberts 20. Computational Toxicology Richard S. Judson, David M. Reif, and Keith A. Houck 21. Epidemiological Issues in Occupational and Environmental Health Michael S. Bloom and John E. Vena 22. Occupational and Environmental Health Brenda Buikema, T. Renee Anthony, and Fredric Gerr 23. Human Health Risk Assessment Leah D. Stuchal, Robert C. James, and Stephen M. Roberts
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496 pagina's
Januari 2015
1324 gram
287 x 222 x 33 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen