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Willett, Cynthia

Theorizing Multiculturalism

A Guide to the Current Debate

€ 60.45

  • The first critical survey of the key theories of multiculturalism.

  • Combines classic articles, specially revised articles and newly commissioned essays.

  • Distinctive philosophical /theoretical focus.

  • Includes an unparalled range of perspectives.

    Taal / Language : English

    List of Contributors.



    I Post Hegelian Dialectics of Recognition and Communication.

    From Redistribution to Recogntion? Dilemmas of Justice in a `Post Socialist` Age (Nancy Fraser).

    Unruly Categories: A Critique of Nancy Fraser s Dual Systems Theory (Iris Marion Young).

    A Rejoinder to Iris Young (Nancy Fraser).

    Recognition, Value, and Equality: A Critique of Charles Taylor s and Nancy Fraser s Accounts of Multiculturalism (Lawrence Blum).

    Ludic, Corporate, and Imperial Multiculturalism of the New World Order (Martin J. Beck Matustik).

    II Post Marxism and Issues of Class.

    Multiculturalism: Consumerist or Transformational? (Bill Martin).

    Post Marxist Political Economy and the Culture of the Left (Donald C. Hodges).

    III Continental and Analytical Feminism.

    Identity, Difference, and Abjection (Kelly Oliver).

    Psychological Explanations of Oppression (Ann E. Cudd).

    IV Corporeal Logic and Sexuate Being.

    Toward the Domain of Freedom: Interview with Drucilla Cornell by Penny Florence (Drucilla Cornell).

    Morphing the Body: Irigaray and Butler on Sexual Difference (Tamsin Lorraine).

    V Critical Race Theory.

    Alienation and the African American Experience (Howard McGary).

    `Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again`: Interculturalism and Conversation of Races (Robert Bernasconi).

    VI Postcolonialism and Ethnicity.

    Fanon and the Subject of Experience (Ronald A. T. Judy).

    White Studies: The Intellectual Imperialism of US Higher Education (Ward Churchill).

    VII Liberalism.

    Moral Deference (Laurence M. Thomas).

    `Multiculturalism,` Citizenship, Education, and American Liberal Democracy (Lucius Outlaw, Jr.).

    VIII Pragmatism.

    Ceremony and Rationality in the Haudenosaunee Tradition (Scott L. Pratt).

    Educational Multiculturalism, Critical Pluralism, and Deep Democracy (Judith M. Green).

    Universal Human Liberation: Community and Multiculturalism (Leonard Harris).

    Extra informatie: 
    Paperback / softback
    480 pagina's
    Januari 1998
    794 gram
    229 x 152 x 32 mm
    Wiley-Blackwell us

    Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen