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Levende natuur
Biologie algemeen

Robert E. Kearney D.T. Westwick

Identification of Nonlinear Physiological Systems

€ 182.90

This much needed reference informs readers about an important area of bioengineering, covering linear system identification and nonlinear systems needed to describe physiological processes.

  • Significant advances have been made in the field since the previous classic texts were written. This text brings the available knowledge up to date.

    Taal / Language : English


    1. Introduction.

    1.1 Signals.

    1.2 Systems and Models.

    1.3 System Modeling.

    1.4 System Identification.

    1.5 How Common are Nonlinear Systems?

    2. Background.

    2.1 Vectors and Matrices.

    2.2 Gaussian Random Variables.

    2.3 Correlation Functions.

    2.4 Mean Square Parameter Estimation.

    2.5 Polynomials.

    2.6 Notes and References.

    2.7 Problems.

    2.8 Computer Exercises.

    3. Models of Linear Systems.

    3.1 Linear Systems.

    3.2 Nonparametric Models.

    3.3 Parametric Models.

    3.4 State Space Models.

    3.5 Notes and References.

    3.6 Theoretical Problems.

    3.7 Computer Exercises.

    4. Models of Nonlinear Systems.

    4.1 The Volterra Series.

    4.2 The Wiener Series.

    4.3 Simple Block Structures.

    4.4 Parallel Cascades.

    4.5 The Wiener Bose Model.

    4.6 Notes and References.

    4.7 Theoretical Problems.

    4.8 Computer Exercises.

    5. Identification of Linear Systems.

    5.1 Introduction.

    5.2 Nonparametric Time Domain Models.

    5.3 Frequency Response Estimation.

    5.4 Parametric Methods.

    5.5 Notes and References.

    5.6 Computer Exercises.

    6. Correlation Based Methods.

    6.1 Methods for Functional Expansions.

    6.2 Block Structured Models.

    6.3 Problems.

    6.4 Computer Exercises.

    7. Explicit Least Squares Methods.

    7.1 Introduction.

    7.2 The Orthogonal Algorithms.

    7.3 Expansion Bases.

    7.4 Principal Dynamic Modes.

    7.5 Problems.

    7.6 Computer Exercises.

    8. Iterative Least Squares Methods.

    8.1 Optimization Methods.

    8.2 Parallel Cascade Methods.

    8.3 Application: Visual Processing in the Light Adapted Fly Retina.

    8.4 Problems

    8.5 Computer Exercises.



    IEEE Press Series in Biomedical Engineering. 
    Extra informatie: 
    280 pagina's
    Januari 2003
    703 gram
    254 x 178 x 19 mm
    John Wiley & Sons Inc us

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