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Werker, Kim P., Keim, Cecily

Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting

€ 26.95

A visual guide that makes it easy to pick up a crochet hook and a ball of yarn and get stitching furnishes clear, step-by-step presentations of techniques, accompanied by detailed color photos that show readers exactly what to do. Original.

Taal / Language : English

Chapter 1: Introduction to Crochet.
Join the Crochet Community.
Crochet for Knitters.
Find Resources on the Internet.
Brief Notes on Designing.
How to Use This Book.
Chapter 2: Tools and Yarn.
Other Tools.
Yarn Construction and Packaging.
Yarn Fibers.
Yarn Length and Dye Lot.
Yarn Care and Storage.
Yarn Weight and Care Symbols.
Chapter 3: Getting Started and Basic Stitches.
How to Hold Your Hook.
How to Hold Your Yarn.
Choose a Learning Yarn and Hook.
Notes for Left-Handed Crocheters.
Make a Slip Knot.
Make a Chain Stitch.
Make a Foundation Chain.
Identify Parts of the Chain.
Make a Turning Chain.
Make a Slip Stitch.
Make a Single Crochet.
Make a Half Double Crochet.
Make a Double Crochet.
Make a Treble Crochet.
Count Your Stitches.
How Hook Size Affects Stitches.
Take Your Measurements.
Estimate Stitch and Row Count.
Estimate How Much Yarn You Need.
Chapter 4: Basic Techniques.
Decrease Gradually by Working Stitches Together.
Create a Ring Using the Chain Stitch.
Create a Ring by Using a Loop.
Work in the Round: Rounds.
Work in the Round: Spiral Method.
Shape in the Round: Gradual Increases.
Join a New Ball of Yarn and Change Color.
Basic Finishing Techniques.
Chapter 5: Stitch Variations.
Make a Double Treble Crochet.
Make an Extended Single Crochet.
Make an Extended Double Crochet.
Make an Extended Half Double Crochet.
Make a Crab Stitch.
Make a Border by Using Crab Stitch.
Chapter 6: More Stitches.
Work in the Front Loop or Back Loop Only.
Make a Spike Stitch.
Make Crossed Stitches.
Work Double Crochet Post Stitches.
Work a Treble Crochet Post Stitch.
Chapter 7: Combining Stitches.
Chapter 8: Follow a Pattern.
Work from a Pattern.
Understanding Crochet Abbreviations.
Read a Pattern.
Understanding Gauge.
Measure Your Gauge.
Understanding Crochet Symbols.
Chapter 9: Stitch Patterns.
Mesh Fabric Using Crochet Arches.
Crumpled Stitch Pattern.
Crunch Pattern.
Crunchy Dots Pattern.
Granite Stitch Pattern.
Trinity Pattern.
Chevron Pattern.
Shells with Double Crochet.
Odd Shells Pattern.
Popcorn Dance Pattern.
Chapter 10: Motifs and Fun Shapes.
Loopy Chain Flower.
Simple Daisy.
Add Layers to the Simple Daisy.
Triangles Using Increases or Decreases.
Triangle in the Round.
Rectangle in the Round.
Granny Square.
Mitered Square.
Chapter 11: More Techniques.
Use Stripes to Add Color.
Follow a Charted Color Pattern by Stranding.
Follow a Charted Color Pattern by Working Intarsia.
Make Broomstick Loops.
Make a Broomstick Loop Ruffle.
Make Traditional Broomstick Lace.
Make a Lover’s Knot Trellis.
Make a Clones Knot Mesh.
Tunisian Simple Stitch.
Tunisian Knit Stitch.
Tunisian Purl Stitch.
Increase in Tunisian Crochet.
Decrease in Tunisian Crochet.
Bind Off in Tunisian Crochet.
Free-form Crochet.
Filet Crochet.
Make Filet Crochet.
Full a Crocheted Item.
Crochet with Beads.
Chapter 12: Final Details and Finishing.
Diagnose Mistakes.
Fix Mistakes.
Care for Crocheted Items.
Make a Buttonhole.
Seam Pieces Together by Sewing.
Seam Pieces Together by Crocheting.
Make a Single Crochet Edging.
Make a Picot Edging.
Make Pompoms.
Make Fringe.
Block Your Finished Project.
Chapter 13: Simple Rectangles.
Explore the Possibilities of the Rectangle.
Simple Sampler Scarf.
Stretched Taffy Scarf.
Exquisite Washcloths.
Cool Baby Hat.
Precious Clutch Purse.
Chapter 14: Patterns.
Oval Trivet and Circular Coasters.
Sweet and Chic Granny Square Bag.
Round Box.
Tunisian Tie.
It’s a Shawl and a Poncho.
Bold Bag.
Spider Woman.
Magnificent Bamboo Scarf.
Cozy, Webby Sweater.
Yummy, Scrumptious Blanket.
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
304 pagina's
Januari 2006
862 gram
229 x 203 x 19 mm
John Wiley & Sons us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen