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Ofelia Garcia Wayne E. Wright Sovicheth Boun

The Handbook of Bilingual and Multilingual Education

€ 59.95

The Handbook of Bilingual and Multilingual Education presents the first comprehensive international reference work of the latest policies, practices, and theories related to the dynamic interdisciplinary field of bilingual and multilingual education.

Taal / Language : English


Acknowledgments xi

Notes on Contributors xiii

1 Introduction: Key Concepts and Issues in Bilingual and Multilingual Education 1
Wayne E. Wright, Sovicheth Boun, and Ofelia García

Section 1 Foundations for Bilingual and Multilingual Education 17

2 Egalitarian Bi/multilingualism and Trans©`semiotizing in a Global World 19
Angel Lin

3 Bilingualism and Creativity: An Educational Perspective 38
Anatoliy V. Kharkhurin

4 Language Acquisition in Bilingual Education 56
Guadalupe Valdés, Luis Poza, and Maneka Deanna Brooks

5 Literacy in Bilingual and Multilingual Education 75
Viv Edwards

6 Culture in Bilingual and Multilingual Education: Conflict, Struggle, and Power 92
Laura A. Valdiviezo and Sonia Nieto

7 A Synthesis of Research on Bilingual and Multilingual Education 109
Colin Baker and Gwyn Lewis

8 Researching Bilingual and Multilingual Education Multilingually: A Linguistic Ethnographic Approach 127
Angela Creese, Adrian Blackledge, with Arvind Bhatt, Carla Jonsson, Kasper Juffermans, Jinling Li, Peter Martin, Anu Muhonen, and Jaspreet Kaur Takhi

9 Intersections of Language Ideology, Power, and Identity: Bilingual Education and Indigenous Language
Revitalization in French Polynesia 145
Mirose Paia, Jim Cummins, Isabelle Nocus, Marie Salaün, and Jacques Vernaudon

10 Language Policy and Planning in Education 164
Terrence G. Wiley

11 Language Rights 185
Tove Skutnabb©`Kangas

Section 2 Pedagogical Issues and Practices in Bilingual and Multilingual Education 203

Practices and Pedagogies for Bilingualism and Multilingualism 203

12 Programs and Structures in Bilingual and Multilingual Education 205
Nelson Flores and Hugo Baetens Beardsmore

13 Translanguaging, Bilingualism, and Bilingual Education 223
Ofelia García and Li Wei

14 Multiliteracies, Pedagogies, and Academic Literacy 241
Madhav Kafle and Suresh Canagarajah

15 Language Assessment: Past to Present Misuses and Future Possibilities 253
Elana Shohamy and Kate Menken

16 Teacher Education and Support 270
Anne©`Marie de Mejía and Christine Hélot

17 Parent and Community Involvement in Bilingual and Multilingual Education 282
M. Beatriz Arias

School Levels and Special Populations 299

18 Early Childhood Education and Dual Language Learners 301
Eugene E. García and Amy M. Markos

19 Primary School Bilingual Education: Pedagogical Issues and Practices 319
María Estela Brisk, Ester J. de Jong, and Meredith C. Moore

20 Secondary Bilingual Education: Cutting the Gordian Knot 336
Christian Faltis and Frank Ramirez©`Marín

21 Bi/Multilingual Higher Education: Perspectives and Practices 354
Christa van der Walt

22 Bilingual Education and Students with Dis/Abilities and Exceptionalities 372
Teddi Beam©`Conroy and Patricia Alvarez McHatton

23 Bilingual Deaf Education 391
Timothy Reagan

24 Bilingual©`Multilingual Education and Indigenous Peoples 409
Tiffany S. Lee and Teresa L. McCarty

25 Nonformal Bilingual Education 428
Lesley Bartlett and Monisha Bajaj

Section 3 Global Dimensions of Bilingual and Multilingual Education 447

26 A Dual Language Revolution in the United States? On the Bumpy Road from Compensatory to Enrichment Education for Bilingual Children in Texas 449
Deborah K. Palmer, Christian E. Zuñiga, and Kathryn Henderson

27 Global Dimensions of Bilingual and Multilingual Education: Canada 461
Thomas Ricento

28 Minority Languages, State Languages, and English in European Education 473
Jasone Cenoz and Durk Gorter

29 Contested Notions of Bilingualism and Trilingualism in the People s Republic of China 484
Anwei Feng and Bob Adamson

30 Bilingual Education in Japan: Slow but Steady Progress 495
Akie Tomozawa and Junko Majima

31 Breaking the Façade of Linguistic and Cultural Homogeneity: Education for Multicultural Children in South Korea 506
Jin Sook Lee

32 Striving for Education for All through Bilingual Education in Cambodia 517
Wayne E. Wright and Sovicheth Boun

33 Bilingual and Multilingual Education in Brunei and Malaysia: Policies and Practices 531
Gary M. Jones

34 Multilingual Education in South Asia: The Burden of the Double Divide 542
Minati Panda and Ajit K. Mohanty

35 Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth : Tension and Conflict between Language Institutions in South Africa 554
Sinfree Makoni and Busi Makoni

36 A Panoramic View of Bilingual Education in Sub©`Saharan Africa: Reorienting the Lens for the Future 566
Leketi Makalela

37 Language Education in Mexico: Access, Equity, and Ideology 578
Peter Sayer and Mario López Gopar

38 Indigenous Youth and Adult Education in Latin America 592
Luis Enrique López

39 Multilingual Education across Oceania 604
Joseph Lo Bianco

40 Language, Conflict, and Social Change: Arabic Bilingual Education in the Middle East and North Africa 618
Zeena Zakharia

41 Bilingual and Multilingual Education in the Former Soviet Republics: The Case of Latvia 632
Gatis Dil¨¡ns and Brigita Zepa

Index 645

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Paperback / softback
688 pagina's
Januari 2017
1024 gram
242 x 171 x 33 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen