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Visser, Hubregt J. Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics
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Visser, Hubregt ,Prof

Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics

€ 159.95

This easy to read volume explains the principles of array and phased array antennas at an introductory level, without relying heavily on a thorough understanding of electromagnetics or even antenna theory. Although the principles are explained mathematically, the introduction is based on the array s physical characteristics rather than mathematics.

Taal / Language : English

1    Radiation.
1.1    The Early History of Electricity and Magnetism.
1.2    James Clerk Maxwell, The Union of Electricity and Magnetism.
1.3    Radiation by Accelerated Charge.
1.4    Reactive and Radiating Electromagnetic Fields.
2     Antennas.
2.1    The Early History of Antennas.
2.2    Antenna Developments During the First World War.
2.3    Antenna Developments in Between the Wars.
2.4    Antenna Developments During The Second World War.
2.5    Post War Antenna Developments.
3    Antenna Parameters.
3.1    Radiation Pattern.
3.2    Antenna Impedance and Bandwidth.
3.3    Polarisation.
3.4    Antenna Effective Area and Vector Effective Length.
3.5    Radio Equation.
3.6    Radar Equation.
4    The Linear Broadside Array Antenna.
4.1    A Linear Array of Non-Isotropic Point-Source Radiators.
4.2    Plane Waves.
4.3    Received Signal.
4.4    Array Factor.
4.5    Side Lobes and Grating Lobes.
4.6    Amplitude Taper.
5    Design of a 4-Elements, Linear, Broadside, Microstrip Patch Array Antenna.
5.1    Introduction.
5.2    Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna.
5.3    Split-T Power Divider.
5.4    Transmission and Reflection Coefficients for a Corporate Fed Array Antenna.
5.5    Simulation, Realisation and Measurement.
6    The Linear Endfire Array Antenna.
6.1    Introduction.
6.2    Phase Differences.
6.3    Hansen-Woodyard Endfire Array Antenna.
6.4    Mutual Coupling.
6.5    Yagi-Uda Array Antenna.
7    The Linear Phased Array Antenna.
7.1    Linear Phase Taper.
7.2    Beam Broadening.
7.3    Grating Lobes and Visible Space.
7.4    Means of Phase Shifting.
8    A Frequency Scanned Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna.
8.1    Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna.
8.2    Antenna Design.
8.3    Validation.
9    The Planar Array and Phased Array Antenna.
9.1    Geometry.
9.2    Planar Array Antenna.
9.3    Planar Phased Array Antenna.
10    Special Array Antenna Configurations.
10.1    Conformal Array and Phased Array Antennas.
10.2    Volume Array and Phased Array Antennas.
10.3    Sequential Rotation and Phasing.
10.4    Reactive Loading.
11    Array and Phased Array Antenna Measurement.
11.1    Input Impedance, Self Coupling and Mutual Coupling.
11.2    Radiation Pattern Measurement.
11.3    Scan Element Pattern.
11.4    Waveguide Simulator.
Appendix A   Complex Analysis.
A.1   Complex Numbers.
A.2   Use of Complex Variables.
Appendix B   Vector Analysis.
B.1   Notation.
B.2   Addition and Subtraction.
B.3   Products.
B.4   Derivatives.
Appendix C   Effective Aperture and Directivity.
Appendix D   Transmission Line Theory.
D.1   Distributed Parameters.
D.2   Guided Waves.
D.3   Input Impedance of a Transmission Line.
D.4   Terminated Lossless Transmission Lines.
D.5   Quarter Wavelength Impedance Transformer.
Appendix E   Scattering Matrix.
E.1   Normalised Scattering Matrix.
E.2   Unnormalised Scattering Matrix.
Appendix F   Voltage Incident at a Transmission Line.
Appendix G   Cascaded Scattering Matrices.
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376 pagina's
Januari 2005
848 gram
253 x 175 x 29 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen