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Vepa, Ranjan

Dynamics of Smart Structures

€ 171.55

Dynamics of Smart Structures is a practical, concise and integrated text that provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of a field that has evolved over the recent years into an independent and identifiable subject area.

Taal / Language : English

1.0 From Smart Materials to Smart Structures

1.1 Modern Materials: A Survey

1.2 Ceramics

1.3 Composites

1.4 Introduction to Features of Smart materials

1.5 Survey of Smart Polymeric materials

1.6 Shape Memory Materials

1.7 Complex fluids and soft materials

1.8 Active Fiber Composites

1.9 Optical fibres

1.10 Smart Structures and their applications



2.0 Transducers for Smart structures

2.1 Transducers for structural control

2.2 Actuation of flexible structures

2.3 Sensors for flexible and smart structures

2.4. Fibre Optic Sensors



3.0 Fundamentals of Structural Control

3.0 Introduction

3.1 Analysis of control systems in the time domain

3.2 Properties of Linear systems:

3.3 Shaping the Dynamic Response using Feedback Control

3.4 Modelling of the Transverse Vibration of thin Beams

3.5 Externally Excited motion of Beams

3.6 Closed Loop Control of Flexural Vibration



4.0 Dynamics of Continuous Structures

4.1 Fundamentals of Acoustic Waves

4.2 Propagation of Acoustic Waves in the Atmosphere

4.3 Circuit Modeling: Transmission Lines and Wave Digital Filters

4.4 Mechanics of Pure Elastic Media

4.5 Waves in Elastic Media



5.0 Dynamics of Plates and Plate like Structures

5.1 Flexural Vibrations of Plates

5.2 Vibrations of membranes



6.0 Dynamics of Piezoelectric Media

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Piezoelectric Crystalline Media

6.3 Wave Propagation in Piezoelectric Crystals

6.4 Vibration of piezo electric plates

6.5 Transmission Line Model

6.6 Discrete element model of thin piezoelectric transducers

6.7 The Generation of Acoustic Waves



7.0 Mechanics of Electro Actuated Composite Structures

7.1 Mechanics of Composite Laminated Media

7.2 Failure of Fibre composites

7.3 Flexural Vibrations in Laminated Composite Plates

7.4 Dynamic modelling of Flexible Structures

7.5 Active Composite Laminated Structures



8.0 Dynamics of Thermo Elastic Media: Shape Memory Alloys

8.1 Fundamentals of Thermoelasticity

8.2 The Shape Memory effect: The Phase transformation kinetics

8.3 Nonlinear Constitutive Relations

8.4 Thermal Control of Shape Memory Alloys

8.5 The Analysis and Modeling of Hysteresis

8.6 Constitutive Relations for non linear and hysteretic media

8.7 SMA Actuators: Architecture and Model structure


9.0 Controller Design for Flexible Structures

9.1 Introduction to Controller Design

9.2 Controller Synthesis for Structural Control

9.3 Optimal Control Synthesis and Linear Matrix Inequalities

9.4 Optimal Design of Structronic Systems

9.5 Design of an Active Catheter

9.6 Modelling and Control of Machine Tool Chatter



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410 pagina's
Januari 2010
862 gram
254 x 178 x 25 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen