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    Veerle Helsen,Surf & Stay
    Surf & Stay
    Where to surf, sleep and eat. A visual travel guide
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    Lifestyle journalist Veerle Helsen went `out-of-office` for six months, bought an old camper and travelled by herself along the Spanish and Portuguese coastline. Ever true to her motto `surf, see, sleep & eat`, she combines three of her passions in this book: surfing, travelling and discovering hidden gems. How about a heavenly holiday mansion where there`s a tree growing through the roof? Or an architectural public swimming pool that`s hidden between rocks and the sea? She searched and found camper spots so quiet she could stay there for days without seeing another soul. Secret beaches that aren`t indicated on the map where one can sit back and watch the waves.
    Veerle Helsen dismisses the classic tourist image of Spain and Portugal and writes about a completely different world: untouched, fierce and free, with little beach bars serving the very fish they caught earlier that day, and roads wrapping themselves around cliffs and dunes, sheltered by pine trees and maintaining the view of sandcastles on the beach. While she drove, her drone was beside her on the passenger seat and her surf board was on the roof.
    This guide transcends the clichés and avoids the classic tourist traps. `Sea` you soon!

    Taal / Language : English

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    272 pagina's
    Mei 2018
    1422 gram
    263 x 215 x 34 mm
    EAN: 9789401449069

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