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John M. Usher

Integrated Product and Process Development

Methods, Tools, and Technologies

€ 182.95

This book explores the critical part of the concurrent engineering processes that engineers are most involved with product development, manufacturing, and assembly. It thoroughly covers many aspects of integrated product and process development (IPPD) and discusses specific real world cases applying IPPD.

Taal / Language : English


Identifying Customer Preferences in Quality Function Deployment Using Group Decision Making Techniques (Y. Lai, et al.).

Functional Design (T. Beng, et al.).

Time Driven Product Development (M. Hundal).

An Integrated Data Model of Function, Behavior, and Structure for Computer Aided Conceptual Design of Mechanisms (W. Zhang, et al.).

A Web Based System to Enhance IPPD by Automating Designer Communication and Data Access (J. Bailey & R. Rucker).


Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing: The Essential Link Between Design and Manufacturing (C. Chee Kai & L. Kah Fai).

Case Based Process Planning for Three Dimensional Machined Components (M. Marefat & J. Britanik).

An Integrated Methodology for Product Process Development in Automated Manufacturing Control System Design (F. Cheng & E. Hall).

A Graph Theoretic Approach with Fuzzy Critique to Manufacturing Diagnosis (K. Li Pheng, et al.).


Integrated Processes in Defense Manufacturing (G. Shumaker & R. Thomas).

Anticipating Manufacturing Constraints and Opportunities in the Concept Generation and Product Planning Phases (R. Verganti).

Effective Product and Process Development Using Quality Function Deployment (R. Verma, et al.).

Design Flow Management and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization in Application to Aircraft Concept Sizing (B. Wujek, et al.).

Integrated Design and Process Planning for Microwave Modules (J. Herrmann, et al.).

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412 pagina's
Januari 1998
752 gram
243 x 164 x 26 mm
John Wiley & Sons us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen