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Tou, Stephen

Visualization of Fields and Applications in Engineering

€ 133.95

Visualization of Fields and Applications in Engineering presents the basic techniques for tensor field visualization and mapping from an engineering approach.

Taal / Language : English


Chapter 1 Introduction


1.1 A general view

1.2 Historical development and progress in visual science

1.3 Scientific visualization philosophy, techniques and challenges


Chapter 2 Field descriptions and kinematics

2.1 Lagrangian/Eulerian description and transformation

2.2 Curvilinear coordinates

Polar coordinate

Streamline (Flux line) coordinate

Potential-stream function coordinate

2.3 Field kinematics and visual attributes


Chapter 3 Field model, representation and visualization


3.1 Field models and concepts

3.2 Scalar fields and representation

3.3 Vector fields and representation

3.4 Vector icons and classifications

3.5 Scalar potential

3.6 Vector potential

3.7 Vector field specification and contraction

Helmholtz`s theorem

3.8 Tensor contraction and transport process visualization

Mechanical energy function and heatfunction

Strain energy trajectory and strain function

3.9 Multiple fields and interactions


Chapter 4 Complex analysis and complex potentials


4.1 Complex variables/functions and applications

4.2 Complex analysis and Cauchy-Riemann equation

4.3 Differentiation of complex function

4.4 Integration of complex function

4.5 Visualization of complex potentials

Trajectory method

Curvilinear squares theory and field map construction

Transfer characteristics and field property evaluation

Example 4.1.a Visualization of heat and fluid transport in a corner


Chapter 5 Field mapping and applications


5.1 Introduction

5.2 Mapping of Euclidian geometry

5.3 Inversion mapping

5.4 Mapping with complex functions

5.5 Conformal mapping and applications

5.6 Hodograph method and mapping

5.7 Hodograph representations and applications

Straight boundaries

Free surfaces

Special field patterns

Projectile trajectory in constant force fields

Motion trajectory in central force fields

Trajectory of charged particles in uniform magnetic fields

Example 4.1.b (continue) Mapping of field patterns and image warping


Chapter 6 Tensor representation, contraction and visualization


6.1 Introduction

6.2 Development of tensor visualization techniques

6.3 Tensor description and representation

Tensor icons and classification

6.4 Tensor decomposition and tensor rank reduction

6.5 Visualization of symmetric tensors

Tensor invariants

Tensor transformations

Principal states and Eigenanalysis

Hybrid method of tensor visualization

6.6 Visualization of antisymmetric tensors

Vorticity concepts and dynamics

Forced vortex

Free vortex

Vorticity transport and vorticity function

Example 4.1.c (continue) Convective momentum flux tensor visualization


Chapter 7 Critical point topology, classification and visualization


7.1 Introduction

7.2 Complex analysis of critical point

7.3 Critical point theory and classification

Symmetric tensors

Antisymmetric tensors

Asymmetric tensors

Example 4.1.d (continue): Critical point topology

7.4 Singular point visualization and mapping

Example: 7.1 Mapping of a point source


Chapter 8 Engineering application examples


Example: 8.1 Torsion of a square beam

Example: 8.2 Bending of a cantilever beam subject to a point load

Example: 8.3 Squeezing flow and vorticity transport

Example: 8.4 Groundwater flows in an anisotropic medium

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384 pagina's
Januari 2011
704 gram
243 x 166 x 28 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen