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    The Bell Tolls

    Destruction is in the air

    Change is imperative

    No longer can we revel in the bliss of ignorance

    The conditioning of education

    The misrepresentations nurtured by traditions of fear

    Preparing us like perfect firewood

    Time to wake up!

    We are dying

    Being used up like a food supply

    Continuing to defer our obligations to our children

    Conditioning them to do the same

    Bartering our denial as the well goes dry

    Choosing to misunderstand the work;

    The work is to unify not multiply

    By giving in to the beast of loneliness;

    Our pervasive fear

    We submit to a control unknown

    By refusing to rationalise this force

    We guarantee its future

    We are dying!

    Like hollow logs empty in our abundance

    By our denial

    We have cannibalised our very soul

    Compromised our mother earth

    The monster is feeding in our garden

    The bell is tolling

    But we are oblivious.

    Thomas F Kitt was born and raised in Galway, Ireland. In 1971 he moved to New York where he raised a family. He now divides his time between New York and Hua Hin, Thailand.

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    Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen