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Tesler, Pauline H., Thompson, Peggy

Collaborative Divorce

The Revolutionary New Way to Restructure Your Family, Resolve Legal Issues, and Move on With Your Life

€ 18.95

An introduction to a new way of divorce from two pioneers in the Collaborative Divorce method demonstrates how couples can build positive new futures for themselves and their loved ones, emphasizing a non-confrontational approach that allows them to devise creative long-term solutions, stay out of court, save time and money, address individual need

Taal / Language : English

Introduction: Searching for a Better Way 1(10)
How We Came to Work with Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Divorce Is Becoming Mainstream
It Doesn`t Make It Easy, But It Helps
Using This Book
The Old or the New Way of Divorce? You Have a Choice
The Emotional Roller Coaster of Divorce
Romanticizing Marriage and Demonizing Divorce
The Power of Negative Thought
Where Did These False Beliefs and Expectations Come From?
``No-Fault`` Divorce Really Isn`t
The Good News: It`s All Normal
The Challenge: Making Good Decisions at a Bad Time
A Good Choice: Collaborative Divorce
Why You Do Not Want an ``Old-Style Divorce``
Why Collaborative Divorce Works So Well
How Collaborative Divorce Is Different from Mediation
Why You Ought to Begin with Collaborative Divorce Professionals
Collaborative Divorce Is Not for Everyone
Choosing Fear or Choosing Hope: Jill and Howard`s Story
Taking a Look at Collaborative Divorce
The Team Members
Collaborative Divorce Coaches
Talking to Your Spouse
Answering Your Spouse`s Questions
Your Reasons for Choosing Collaborative Divorce May Differ
Moving Forward
Every Divorce is Different
Choosing Collaborative Divorce: Andrew and Therese`s Story
Assembling Your Team
Choosing Your Collaborative Divorce Team
The Collaborative Team Agreement
Getting Started: Alice and Todd`s Story
Gathering Information: A Look at the Role of the Lawyers and Financial Advisor
First, the Facts
The Legal Side of Your Collaborative Divorce
The First Four-way Meeting with the Lawyers
Gathering Information with Your Collaborative Lawyers
Understanding Negotiations, Understanding the Law
Gathering and Exchanging Information with the Help of Your Financial Consultant
A Word About Timing
An Older Couple Works Efficiently with a Small Collaborative Divorce Team: Ronald and Martine`s Story
Gathering Information: A Look at the Role of the Coaches and Child Specialist
Working with Coaches
Gathering and Exchanging Information with Your Child Specialist
The Five-Way Meeting and the Parenting Plan
How Long Does Information Gathering Last?
Coaching Opens the Door to Creative Problem Solving: Jeff and Sarah`s Story
Reaching Resolution
Brainstorming Options for Resolution
When a House Is More Than a House: Adam and Sue`s Story
Attaining the Necessary Sense of Closure
Finishing the Job
A Look at the Papers
Planning for the Future
Your Conflict Resolution Plan
Using Your Team to Anticipate, Forestall, and Resolve Conflict
How Your Conflict Resolution Plan Will Help
Untying the Knot and Tying Up the Loose Ends
The Signing Ceremony
An Opportunity to Create Personal Meaning
A Final Meeting: Eileen and Andy`s Story
Expecting and Dealing with Change
Expect Change: It`s Normal
When Progress Stops
Staying on Track When Emotions Run High After the Divorce: Steve and Jenny`s Story
Mature Handling of Differences After Divorce: Ellen and Peter`s Story
Moving On: Life After It`s Really Over
Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Life Can Take Surprising Turns After a Successful Collaborative Divorce: Paul and Nancy`s Story
Common Questions and Concerns
Thinking About Collaborative Divorce
Talking with Others About Collaborative Divorce
Understanding the Process Better
Epilogue 245(4)
Appendix A: Understanding the Flow of a Collaborative Divorce 249(9)
Appendix B: A Collaborative Divorce Team Participation Agreement 258(9)
Acknowledgments 267(4)
Index 271
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Paperback / softback
278 pagina's
Januari 2007
363 gram
229 x 229 x 19 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen