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Creatieve hobbies
Handwerken,naaien en naaldkunst(als hobby)
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Swenson, Amy

Not Your Mama`s Felting

The Cool and Creative Way to Get it Together

€ 16.95

Patterns and step by step instructions for nearly 30 unique projects

The art of felting, the process of working wool fibers together to form felt, is the ultimate in craft creativity because no two items turn out exactly alike.

Taal / Language : English

PART ONE: How to Felt.
CHAPTER ONE. Your Daily Dose of Fiber.
Felt Happens.
Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral: Which Felts?
How to Buy Wool for Felting.
All About Yarn.
Where Do I Find this Stuff, Anyway?
Getting Your Hands Wet.
CHAPTER TWO. Suds Party: Wet Felting.
Wet Felting 101.
Tools of the Trade: What You Need to Get Started.
Setting up Your Work Area.
Working with Roving.
Felted Snakes and Cords.
Balls and Beads.
A Roller Coaster: Your First Flat Felt.
Resist This!
Nuno Felting.
Release Your Inner Artiste: Design for Wet Felting.
CHAPTER THREE. Poke, Poke, Poke: Needle Felting.
Why It Works.
Tools of the Trade: What You “Needle” to Get Started.
Monogramtastic: Playing with Needles.
Troubleshooting: When Good Felt Goes Bad.
Endless Poking Possibilities.
CHAPTER FOUR. Totally Full of It.
What’s Fulling? What’s Felting?
Tools of the Trade: What You Need to Get Started.
Mad Yarn Skillz.
Fulling a Knitted Swatch.
Crochet ♥ Fulling Too.
Size Matters: The Problem with Shrinkage.
Recycled Felt: Even Bad Knits Get a Second Chance.
Basic Sewing Tips for Working with Felt.
Troubleshooting and Tips.
CHAPTER FIVE. Dying to Dye.
Why Dye?
Acid Dyes.
Tools of the Trade: What You Need to Get Started.
Safety First.
Mixing Stock Solutions.
Your First Acid Dye Trip: Single Color Dyeing.
Hand-paint Heaven.
PART TWO: Patterns and Projects.
CHAPTER SIX. Never Too Many Bags.
The Ultra-Simple One-Night Bag.
I’m On The Case.
Ah! Savasana! Yoga Mat Bag.
Some Assembly Required.
Holy Smokes! (A Holey Tote).
CHAPTER SEVEN. Stuff to Wear.
Bad Boy Hoodie: New Skool, Old Skool, No Skool.
Menswear for You.
Cropped Cardigan.
Don’t Give The Mittens.
``Junior`` Varsity Jacket.
Loopy Boa.
Sideways Striped Scarf.
Wild Thing Scarf.
Scarf for the Subzero Urban Dweller.
Featherweight Scarf.
Swing Raglan.
CHAPTER EIGHT. Quick Gifts & Oddities.
The Save-Your-Marriage Knitting Needle Roundup.
Spring Is Sprung!
Chunky Bead Necklace.
Fishin’ for Kittens.
Uber Chunky Felted Yarn.
Moleskine Jacket.
In Stitches Earrings.
CHAPTER NINE. Cozy Felt for Your Home.
Felted Soapy Blue Balls.
Get Off Your Felted Soap Box.
Who Needs Flowers? Vases for Crafters.
Rainbow Bridge Baby Blanket.
PART THREE: History and Resources.
CHAPTER TEN.A Brief History of Felt.
See Jane. See Jane Felt.
Legends and Heroes.
Old, but Not Passe.
Modern Applications for Wool Felt.
Getting your Fill of Fulling.
Felt in the Mainstream.
CHAPTER ELEVEN. Happy Procrastinations: Cool Felting Resources.
On-Line and On-Land.
Stash Enhancing Fun.
Guilds, Festivals, and Courses.
The Wonderful World of Fiber Arts.
Felting Online.
Common Abbreviations.
The Basic Stitches.
Working in the Round vs. in Rows.
Common Abbreviations & Definitions.
The Basics.
Advanced Techniques.
Putting It All Together.
CHAPTER FOURTEEN. It’s All About the Magic.
Designer Bios.
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
207 pagina's
Januari 2007
390 gram
235 x 184 x 19 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen