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    Stephen (LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA, USA) Andrilli,   David (Saint Joseph`s University, Philadelphia, PA, USA) Hecker,Elementary Linear Algebra
    Elementary Linear Algebra
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    Elementary Linear Algebra, Fifth Edition, continues to bring its well-known strengths to students, with the authors` clear writing style coupled with many figures and summary tables, helping students grasp concepts and move into applications. With over 300 examples, including at least one example for virtually every new concept and over 2000 exercises to reinforce major concepts, and over 500 True/False questions, the chapters build on each other to guide the reader through theory and then into applications. . Early on, the book introduces students to the concepts of linear combinations of vectors and matrices, the row space of a matrix, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. These concepts are then reinforced in later chapters, with sections covering mathematical methods, differential equations, graph theory, computer graphics, and markov chains, among others topics. . Along with answers to selected exercises in the textbook, the book is accompanied by a separate Instructor`s Manual (which includes answers to all of the exercises, as well as sample tests for each chapter) and a separate Student Solutions Manual (which contains fully worked-out solutions for many of the problems in the text). In addition, there are several web sections available on the textbook`s website. . The textbook also contains four appendices: 1) an appendix with miscellaneous proofs of the more complicated results in the text, 2) an appendix summarizing the most important results about mathematical functions that are needed in the text, 3) an appendix summarizing the most important results about complex numbers that are needed in

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