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Laws, Simon,   Combellack, Mark,   Feng, Raymond,   Mahbod, Haleh,Laws, S: Tuscany SCA in Action
Simon Laws; Mark; Raymond; Haleh; Simon
Tuscany in Action
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Apache Tuscany is an open-source, enterprise software. This book is the only

book on the market focused solely on the flexible and cost-effective Apache



Apache Tuscany is a free, open source project that helps users develop Service

Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions. It provides a lightweight infrastructure

that implements Service Component Architecture (SCA) and provides seamless

integration with other technologies

Tuscany in Action is a comprehensive, hands-on guide for developing enterprise

applications using Apache Tuscany's lightweight SCA infrastructure. The book

uses practical examples to demonstrate how to develop applications with the

open source Tuscany SCA. Readers will learn how to model, compose, and

manage applications. Detailed explanations of how to use the various features

of Apache Tuscany for protocol handling and developing components are

presented. Readers will also learn how to extend Apache Tuscany to support

new programming environments and communication protocols.


P• Only book on Apache Tuscany on the market

P• Thorough introduction to Apache Tuscany and SCA

P• Includes basic set up instructions and troubleshooting

P• Real-life examples of Apache use in business scenarios

Text in English

Taal / Language : English

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