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Levende natuur
Biologie algemeen
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Kirsten Silvius

People in Nature

€ 137.15

Taal / Language : English

List of Contributors
Introduction --- Wildlife Conservation and Management in South and Central America: Multiple Pressures and Innovative Solutions
Jose M. V. Fragoso
Richard E. Bodmer
Kirsten M. Silvius
Part I. Local Peoples and Community Management
Conceptual Basis for the Selection of Wildlife Management Strategies by the Embera People in Utria National Park, Choco, Colombia
Astrid Ulloa
Heidi Rubio-Torgler
Claudia Campos-Rozo
K. Silvius
Bridging the Gap Between Western Scientific and Traditional Indigenous Wild-life Management: The Xavante of Rio Das Mortes Indigenous Reserve, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Kirsten M. Silvius
Increasing Local Stakeholder Participation in Wildlife Management Projects with Rural Communities: Lessons from Bolivia
Wendy R. Townsend
K. Silvius
Community-Based Wildlife Management in the Gran Chaco, Bolivia
Andrew J. Noss
Michael D. Painter
Fisheries in the Amazon Varzea: Historical Trends, Current Status, and Factors Affecting Sustainability
William G. R. Crampton
Leandro Castello
Joao Paulo Viana
Fisheries Management in the Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve
William G. R. Crampton
Joao Paulo Viana
Leandro Castello
Jose Maria B. Damasceno
Hunting Effort as a Tool for Community-Based Wildlife Management in Amazonia
Pablo E. Puertas
Richard E. Bodmer
Part II. Economic Considerations
Economic Incentives for Sustainable Community Management of Fishery Resources in the Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve, Amazonas, Brazil
Joao Paulo Viana
Jose Maria B. Damasceno
Leandro Castello
William G. R. Crampton
Community Ownership and Live Shearing of Vicunas in Peru: Evaluating Management Strategies and Their Sustainability
Catherine T. Sahley
Jorge Torres Vargas
Jesus Sanchez Valdivia
Captive Breeding Programs as an Alternative for Wildlife Conservation in Brazil
Sergio Luiz Gama Nogueira-Filho
Selene Siqueira da Cunha Nogueira
Economic Analysis of Wildlife Use in the Peruvian Amazon
Richard E. Bodmer
Etersit Pezo Lozano
Tula G. Fang
Part III. Fragmentation and Other Nonharvest Human Impacts
Mammalian Densities and Species Extinctions in Atlantic Forest Fragments: The Need for Population Management
Laury Cullen, Jr.
Richard E. Bodmer
Claudio Valladares-Padua
Jonathan D. Ballou
Abundance, Spatial Distribution, and Human Pressure on Orinoco Crocodiles (Crocodylus intermedius) in the Cojedes River System, Venezuela
Andres E. Seijas
Impacts of Damming on Primate Community Structure in the Amazon: A Case Study of the Samuel Dam, Rondonia, Brazil
Rosa M. Lemos de Sa
Niche Partitioning Among Gray Brocket Deer, Pampas Deer, and Cattle in the Pantanal of Brazil
Laurenz Pinder
Ecology and Conservation of the Jaguar (Panthera onca) in Iguacu National Park, Brazil
Peter G. Crawshaw, Jr.
Jan K. Mahler
Cibele Indrusiak
Sandra M. C. Cavalcanti
Maria Renata P. Leite-Pitman
Kirsten M. Silvius
A Long-Term Study of White-Lipped Peccary (Tayassu pecari) Population Fluctuations in Northern Amazonia: Anthropogenic vs. ``Natural`` Causes
Jose M. V. Fragoso
Part IV. Hunting Impacts---Biological Basis and Rationale for Sustainability
Evaluating the Sustainability of Hunting in the Neotropics
Richard E. Bodmer
John G. Robinson
Hunting Sustainability of Ungulate Populations in the Lacandon Forest, Mexico
Eduardo J. Naranjo
Jorge E. Bolanos
Michelle M. Guerra
Richard E. Bodmer
Human Use and Conservation of Economically Important Birds in Seasonally Flooded Forests of the Northeastern Peruvian Amazon
Jose A. Gonzalez
Patterns of Use and Hunting of Turtles in the Mamiraua Sustainable Development Reserve, Amazonas, Brazil
Augusto Fachin-Teran
Richard C. Vogt
John B. Thorbjarnarson
K. Silvius
Fisheries, Fishing Effort, and Fish Consumption in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and Its Area of Influence
Salvador Tello
K. Silvius
Implications of the Spatial Structure of Game Populations for the Sustainability of Hunting in the Neotropics
Andres J. Novaro
Hunting and Wildlife Management in French Guiana: Current Aspects and Future Prospects
Cecile Richard-Hansen
Eric Hansen
Bibliography 411(36)
Index 447
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464 pagina's
Januari 2005
784 gram
243 x 165 x 31 mm
Columbia University Press us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen