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Shelby, Zach


The Wireless Embedded Internet

€ 93.95

This book provides an overview of the 6LoWPAN standard, architecture and related wireless and Internet technology for students and engineers. Starting first with an overview o

Taal / Language : English

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1. Introduction.

1.1 The Wireless Embedded Internet.

1.2 The 6LoWPAN Architecture.

1.3 6LoWPAN Introduction.

1.4 Network Example.

2. The 6LoWPAN Format.

2.1 Functions of an Adaptation Layer.

2.2 Assumptions About the Link Layer.

2.3 The Basic 6LoWPAN Format.

2.4 Addressing.

2.5 Forwarding and Routing.

2.6 Header Compression.

2.7 Fragmentation and Reassembly.

2.8 Multicast.

3. Bootstrapping and Security.

3.1 Commissioning.

3.2 Neighbor Discovery.

3.3 Security.

4. Mobility and Routing.

4.1 Mobility.

4.2 Routing.

4.3 IPv4 Interconnectivity.

5. Application Protocols.

5.1 Introduction.

5.2 Design Issues.

5.3 Protocol Paradigms.

5.4 Common Protocols.

6. Using 6LoWPAN.

6.1 Chip Solutions.

6.2 Protocol Stacks.

6.3 Application Development.

6.4 Edge Router Integration.

7. System Examples.

7.1 ISA100 Industrial Automation.

7.2 Wireless RFID Infrastructure.

7.3 Building Energy Savings and Management.

8. Conclusion.

A. IPv6 Reference.

A.1 Notation.

A.2 Addressing.

A.3 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery.

A.4 IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration.

B. IEEE 802.15.4 Reference.

B.1 Introduction.

B.2 Overall Packet Format.

B.3 MAC layer Security.

List of Abbreviations.



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244 pagina's
Januari 2009
591 gram
256 x 174 x 24 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen