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Seidman, David The Essential Sea Kayaker
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

David Seidman

The Essential Sea Kayaker

The Complete Guide for the Open-Water Paddler

€ 22.95

Taal / Language : English


Preface to the Second Edition


Sea Kayaking 101: Setting Forth

1 What You Will Need


Single or Double?; Slow and Stable or Fast and Tippy?; Rigid or Collapsible?; Meeting Your Standards


Materials; Length; Blade; Feathered or Nonfeathered; Shaft


Spray Skirt; PFD; Audible Signal; Bailers; Bow Line; Paddle Float; Flotation; Eyeglass Strap; Nose Clips

A Place to Learn

2 Meet Your Kayak


Making It Fit

Transporting by Car

Transporting by Hand

Gear Care and Storage

3 Getting In and Out (Dry)

Beach: Kayak in Water

Beach: Kayak on Land

Low Dock

High Dock

4 Getting In and Out (Wet)

Wet Exit



Paddle Float Reentry

5 Boat Dynamics



6 Paddling Basics

Holding the Paddle

Basic Stroke: Nonfeathered

Basic Stroke: Feathered


Body Twist

The Complete Stroke

Dos and Don`ts

Stopping and Backing

Fine Points of Paddling Basics

7 Maneuvering

Forward Sweep

Reverse Sweep

Stern Rudder Stroke

Rudders and Skegs

Draw Stroke

Sculling Draw

Linking Stroke


8 Bracing


Slap Brace

Low Brace

Sweeping Low Brace

High Brace

Sculling Brace

Sea Kayaking 102: Heading Out

9 What You Will Need

Safety Gear

Clothing; Paddling Jacket; Wet Suit; Dry Suit; Visual Distress Signals; Lights; Radios and Cell Phones

10 Body Language

Knee Lift

Carved Turns

Hip Flick

Extended Bracing

11 Eskimo Roll


Practice: Setup

Practice: Sweep

Practice: Flick and Lay-Back

The Complete Roll

Fine Points


12 Through the Surf



13 Wind and Waves




14 Group Travel

Two or More

Management and Communication

Assisted Rescues

Assisted Reentry

Graduate Courses: Continuing Education

15 Body Basics

Care and Prevention

Exercises; Fuel and Hydration; Tendonitis; Seasickness; Hypothermia

16 Sea and Sky

Weather Wise

Weather Forecaster

Useful Weather Lore

Dealing with the Elements

Wind and Storms; Fog; Tides; Currents

17 Navigation

How Not to Get Lost

Essential Skills

Charts and Compasses

Charts; Compasses; Compass-Only Navigation; Navigation with a Chart; GPS Receivers

Understanding Boat Traffic

18 Paddler`s Resources

For Disabled Paddlers

For Families

General Information on Kayaking

Periodicals; Books; Charts and Tide Tables; Gatherings; Equipment; Clubs and Organizations; Schools for Sea Kayaking and Outdoor Skills


Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
153 pagina's
386 gram
229 x 184 x 13 mm
Ragged Mountain Pr us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen