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Daniel R. Schwarz

How to Succeed in College and Beyond

The Art of Learning

€ 58.25

How to Succeed in College and Beyond is an insightful, inspired guide to the undergraduate experience that helps students balance the joy of learning with the necessity of career preparation.

Taal / Language : English


Acknowledgments ix

1 Introduction: How to Succeed in College and Beyond: The Art of Learning 1

Part I Beginnings 13

2 How to Prepare for College 15

3 The College Olympics: How to Choose the Right College and How to Get the Right College to Choose You 24

Part II The College Experience 39

4 Twenty Suggestions for Incoming College Freshmen 41

5 Nineteen Suggestions for College Sophomores 52

6 Suggestions for College Juniors: Balancing the Joy and Practicality of Learning 57

7 Making the Most of Your Senior Year in College 66

8 Planning for the Future: Suggestions for Seniors Graduating from College 72

Part III Further Essentials 79

9 Seventeen Suggestions for How to Choose Classes in College 81

10 The Greek System: Should You Join a Fraternity or Sorority? 87

11 More Thoughts on the College Experience: Brief Observations and Suggestions 98

12 Growing Young Adults: What Parents Need to Know About Their Children in College 105

Part IV The Value of the Humanities 109

13 Why Study the Humanities? 111

14 Do the Humanities Help Us Understand the World in Which We Live? 117

15 What to Do with a Bachelor of Arts in English 124

16 Does It Make Sense to Pursue a Humanities Doctorate? The Pros and Cons of Graduate Education in the Humanities 131

Part V Perspectives of a Professor 141

17 Are Teaching and Research Mutually Exclusive? 143

18 The Classroom as Opportunity: Teaching Students How to Enjoy and Understand Literature, Read Closely, Write Lucidly, and Think Independently 148

19 Changing the World One Step at a Time: Comparing Contemporary Students with Those of the Explosive 1968 1970 Period 162

Works Cited and Select Bibliography 174

Index 181

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206 pagina's
Januari 2016
398 gram
230 x 160 x 17 mm
Wiley-Blackwell gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen