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Salkintzis, Apostolis

Emerging Wireless Multimedia

Services and Technologies

€ 159.95

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of next generation wireless networks is the provision of IP based multimedia services, similar to those recently emerged on the Internet. Emerging Wireless Multimedia Services and Technologies provides a comprehensive resource of the most up to date wireless multimedia technologies and services.

Taal / Language : English

1 MIMO Wireless Channel Modeling and Experimental Characterization (M. A. Jensen and J. W. Wallace).
1.1 Introduction.
1.2 MIMO Channel Measurement.
1.3 MIMO Channel Models.
1.4 The Impact of Antennas on MIMO Performance.
2 Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval with Applications in MIMO Wireless
Channel Sounding (X. Liu, N. D. Sidiropoulos, and T. Jiang).
2.1 Introduction.
2.2 Harmonic Retrieval Data Model.
2.3 Identifiability of Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval.
2.4 Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval Algorithms.
2.5 Numerical Examples.
2.5.1 2-Dharmonic retrieval (simulated data).
2.5.2 3-Dharmonic retrieval (simulated data).
2.6 Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval for MIMO Channel Estimation.
2.7 Concluding Remarks.
2.8 Acknowledgments.
3 Certain Computations Involving Complex Gaussian Matrices with Applications
to the Performance Analysis of MIMO Systems (M. Kang, L. Yang, and M.-S. Alouini).
3.1 Introduction.
3.2 Performance Measures of Multiple Antenna Systems.
3.3 Some Mathematical Preliminaries.
3.4 General Calculations With MIMO Applications.
3.5 Summary.
4 Recent Advances in Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coding (M. Gharavi-Alkhansari, A. B. Gershman, and S. Shahbazpanahi).
4.1 Introduction.
4.2 Notations and Acronyms.
4.3 Mathematical Preliminaries.
4.4 MIMO System Model and OSTBC Background.
4.5 Constellation Space Invariance and Equivalent Array-Processing-Type MIMO Model.
4.6 Coherent ML Decoding.
4.7 Exact Symbol Error Probability Analysis of Coherent ML Decoder.
4.8 Optimality Properties of OSTBCs.
4.9 Blind Decoding of OSTBCs.
4.10 Multi-Access MIMO Receivers for OSTBCs.
4.11 Conclusions.
5 Trace-Orthogonal Full Diversity Cyclotomic Space-Time Codes (J.-K. Zhang, J. Liu, and K. M. Wong).
5.1 Introduction.
5.2 Channel Model With Linear Dispersion Codes.
5.3 Good Structures for LD Codes: Trace-Orthogonality.
5.4 Trace-Orthogonal LD Codes.
5.5 Construction of Trace Orthogonal LD Codes.
5.6 Design of Full Diversity LD Codes.
5.7 Design of Full Diversity Linear Space-Time Block Codes for N <M.
5.8 Design Examples and Simulations.
5.9 Conclusion.
6 Linear and Dirty-Paper Techniques for the Multi-User MIMO Downlink (C. B. Peel, Q. H. Spencer, A. L. Swindlehurst, M. Haardt, and B. M. Hochwald).
6.1 Introduction.
6.2 Background and Notation.
6.3 Single Antenna Receivers.
6.4 Multiple Antenna Receivers.
6.5 Open Problems.
6.6 Summary.
7 Antenna Subset Selection in MIMO Communication Systems (A. Gorokhov, D. A. Gore, and A. J. Paulraj).
7.1 Introduction.
7.2 SIMO/MISO Selection.
7.3 MIMO Selection.
7.4 Diversity and Multiplexing With MIMO Antenna Selection.
7.5 Receive Antenna Selection Algorithms.
7.6 Antenna Selection in MIMO Wireless LAN Systems.
7.7 Summary.
8 Convex Optimization Theory Applied to Joint Transmitter-Receiver Design in
MIMO Channels (D. P´erez Palomar, A. Pascual-Iserte, J. M. Cioffi, and M. Angel Lagunas).
8.1 Introduction.
8.2 Convex Optimization Theory.
8.3 System Model and Preliminaries.
8.4 Beamforming Design for MIMO Channels: A Convex Optimization Approach.
8.5 An Application to Robust Transmitter Design in MIMO Channels.
8.6 Summary.
9 MIMO Communications with Partial Channel State Information (S. Zhou and G. B. Giannakis).
9.1 Partial CSI Models.
9.2 Capacity-Optimal Designs .
9.3 Error Performance Oriented Designs.
9.4 Adaptive Modulation with Partial CSI.
9.5 Conclusions.
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454 pagina's
Januari 2005
995 gram
254 x 175 x 31 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen