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Mark E. Rosheim

Robot Evolution

The Development of Anthrobotics

€ 182.95

Mankind’s desire to create mechanical men for entertainment and use as slaves is nearly as old as civilization itself. It was a legacy which began with the ancient Greeks who constructed automata for entertainment and religious rites. The greatest minds throughout the ages, including Leonardo da Vinci, have pursued this technological Holy Grail. Robots are now evolving rapidly from 1950s vintage mechanical limbs bolted to factory floors to anthropomorphic robots with humanlike capabilities called "anthrobots." Robot Evolution is unique in robotics literature, at once a comprehensive pictorial history of robots and a technical guide to robot designs, devices, and systems. Author and robotics expert Mark Rosheim reviews and describes the entire gamut of robot mechanisms, from ancient to state of the art. Building blocks such as grippers, actuators, and sensors lay the foundation for completely integrated robots equipped with dextrous joints, communication capability, and autonomous behavior. Rosheim chronicles the development and increasing complexity of these systems, using the human body’s anatomy and kinesiology as a framework for evaluating robotic components and explaining how they may emulate human functionality. Particular emphasis is placed on the most advanced current devices and promising experimental designs. Supplemented with hundreds of photographs, drawings, and illustrated tables, Robot Evolution is written in a clear, forthright style and organized to provide quick and easy access to information. Charting the evolution from the simple to the complex, separate chapters are devoted to robot arms, wrists, hands, and legs. The advantages and disadvantages of each design are discussed along with applications. An annotated bibliography and comprehensive glossary is provided.

Taal / Language : English

Robots Past.

Robot Arms.









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Paperback / softback
448 pagina's
Januari 1994
1022 gram
281 x 212 x 26 mm
John Wiley & Sons us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen