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Rosenfeld, Barry

Research Methods in Forensic Psychology

€ 125.00

Focusing exclusively on research methods in the burgeoning field of forensic psychology, this one of a kind guide demonstrates how to apply generally used research methods to address specific concerns of forensic specialists.

Taal / Language : English

General Issues in Forensic Research.

1. Overview of forensic research (Barry Rosenfeld & Steve Penrod).

2. Measure development and validation (Barry Rosenfeld & John Edens).

3. Legal Research Techniques for the Social Scientist (Jen Robbenalt).

4. Meta analysis (Sigi Sporer).

5. Internet data collection (Kevin O Neil).

6. Statistical Principals in Forensic Research (Jen Groscup).

Criminal Law Pretrial Issues: Criminal Investigations and Pretrial Forensic Assessment.

7. Polygraph (Charles Honts).

8. Criminal profiling (Gabrielle Salfati).

9. False confessions and interrogation (Maria Hartwig).

10. Competence to stand trial/ criminal responsibility (Patty Zapf & Barr (Rosenfeld).

11. Malingering (Richard Rogers).

Criminal Law Trial Issues.

12. Jury Decision Making (Steve Penrod, Margaret Bull Kovera, & Jen Groscup).

13. Litigation consultation (Maithilee Pathak Sharma & Steve Penrod).

14. Eyewitness accuracy (Gary Wells).

15. Children s testimony (Gail Goodman).

16. Procedural Justice (Larry Heuer).

Criminal Law Post Trial Issues and Special Populations.

17. Offender Treatment (Barry Rosenfeld).

18. Violence risk assessment (Kevin Douglas).

19. Psychopathy (Randy Salekin).

20. Sex offender research (Bob Prentky).

21. Juvenile offenders (Keith Cruise).

22. Mentally Retarded offenders (Karen Salekin & Greg Olley).

Civil/Family Law Issues.

23. Informed consent/competence (Eric Elbogen).

24. Custody/mediation (Robert Emery & Dave Sbarra).

25. Partner violence (Mindy Mechanic).

26. Child abuse (Cathy Widom).
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552 pagina's
Januari 2011
1108 gram
253 x 185 x 42 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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