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    Rob Fleder,   Steven Hoffman,The Sports Bucket List
    The Sports Bucket List
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    Every dedicated sports fan will savor this thrilling lifetime list of 101 essential games, matchups, venues, and events from around the world. For more than twenty years, Rob Fleder and Steve Hoffman captured the excitement of all kinds of competition while working for Sports Illustrated. Covering everything from red-hot rivalries to historic stadiums, from Olympic gymnastics to elite dog shows and high-stakes poker, The Sports Bucket List is their carefully curated checklist for every serious sports fan.

    Fleder and Hoffman give you a taste of some of the greatest must-see moments in sports, including Barcelona facing off against Real Madrid, the mountain stages of the Tour de France, big-wave surfing at the Eddie in Oahu, the Caribbean World Series, and halftime with Florida A&M`s spectacular marching band. They take you around the world and through time, providing a rare look at the history behind the Highland Games at Dunoon, Scotland, the greatest legends of Olympic ski jumping, and the energy of football at West Point`s Michie Stadium. Each entry is illustrated with a stunning photo that captures the excitement and beauty, the glory and intensity of sports.

    With revealing stats, compelling stories, and recommendations for the best times to visit each venue or event, The Sports Bucket List is both a source of unconventional travel ideas and an insider`s guide to the most fascinating sports experiences.

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