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Henry Thoreau

A Life of the Mind

€ 43.64

This biography of Henry Thoreau offers insight into his social activism, his interest in fine arts, William Gilpin and John Ruskin`s influence on his nature writing, and his involvement in, and influence by, the Agassiz-Darwin debate over "The Origin of Species."

Taal / Language : English

Preface ix
1837 Return to Concord
Fall 1837: Commencement
Harvard under Quincy
Thoreau at Harvard
The Classics
Concord Schoolmaster
1838-1840 The Ethical Imperatives of Transcendentalism
Summer and Fall 1838
The Eye of Henry Thoreau
The Rivers
Aeschylus, Bravery
Summer 1840
Fall 1840
December 1840
1841-1843 American Reformation
Thoreau and Emerson
Brook Farm
The Orient
Fall 1841
January and February 1843
Staten Island
1843-1845 The Road to Walden Pond
The New York Literary Scene
``A Winter Walk.``
The Railroad Comes to Concord
Inside the Civilized Man
Spring and Summer 1844
Fall 1844
Spring 1845
I Went to the Woods to Live Deliberately
The Epic of the Leaf
The New Typology of the Leaf
1846-1849 The Profession of Letters
Winter 1846: Carlyle
The New Adam (Smith)
Spring 1846: Walden
The Great Awakening
Summer 1846: Resistance to Civil Government
North Twin Lake and ``Ktaadn.``
Second Year at Walden
The Letters to Blake
A Perfect Piece of Stoicism
The Apollonian Vision
Spring and Summer 1849: ``I Have Chosen Letters.``
1849-1851 The Language of the Leopard: Wildness and Society
Shipwreck and Salvation on Cape Cod
Fall 1849, Spring 1850: Hindu Idealism
Spring 1850
July 1850: The Wreck of the Elizabeth
August and September 1850: The Material of a Million Concords
Fall 1850: Trip to Canada
The Red Face of Man I
The Red Face of Man II
November 1850 to April 1851: Gramatica Parda
Technological Conservative
Myth and Wildness
1851-1852 New Books, New Worlds
Spring 1851: The Naming of Apples
June 1851: The Four Worlds of Henry Thoreau
Thoreau, Darwin, and The Voyage of the Beagle
Summer 1851: Practical Transcendentalism
Fall 1851: This is my Home, my Native Soil
December 1851 to February 1852: The Short Days of Winter
Lapidae Crescunt
A Sufficient List of Failures
April 1852: William Gilpin and the articulation of landscape
The Articulation of Landscape
The Flowering of Man
My Year of Observation
August and September 1852: Country Life
1852-1854 Walden, or the Triumph of the Organic
Ante-Columbian History
The Jesuite Relations
Spring 1853: The Golden Gates
Summer 1853: Walden Five
Fall 1853: Friends
January 1854: Walden Six
February and March 1854: Triumph of the Organic
Spring and Summer 1854: Anthony Burns
July and August 1854: Walden
1854-1862 The Economy of Nature
Night and Moonlight
New Friends
Life Without Principle
The Dispersion of Seeds and the Succession of Forest Trees
Walt Whitman and the Ethics of Intensity
The Indian
Autumnal Tints, John Ruskin, and the Innocent Eye
Louis Agassiz and the Theory of Special Creation
A Plea for Captain Brown
Darwin and the Developmental Theory
Beyond Transcendentalism: The Natural History Projects
One World at a Time
Chronology 391(2)
Principal Sources 393(4)
Notes 397(44)
Index 441
Extra informatie: 
464 pagina's
Januari 1992
635 gram
222 x 152 x 32 mm
University of California Press us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen