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Rebeiro-Hargrave, Andrew

Multimedia Group Communications

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With its focus on the Mobile VoIP solution, Multimedia Group Communications introduces group communication and in particular OMA (Open Mobile Alliance), PoC (Push-to-talk over

Taal / Language : English





1 Group Communication Concepts.

1.1 Introduction.

1.2 Group Communication Roles.

1.3 Mobile Group Communication Use Cases.

1.4 Multimedia Group Communication Implementation.

1.5 Summary and Conclusions.

1.6 References.

2 OMA Push to Talk Architecture.

2.1 Introduction.

2.2 Architectural Considerations.

2.3 OMA PoC Functional Architecture.

2.4 PoC Client.  

2.5 XML Document Management Client.

2.6 PoC Server.

2.7 PoC XML Document Management Server.

2.8 External Entities Providing Services to PoC System. 

2.9 Description of OMA PoC Reference Points.

2.10 Summary and Conclusions.

2.11 References.

3 The OMA XML Document Management (XDM) Enabler.

3.1 Introduction.

3.2 The OMA XDM Architecture.

3.3 XDM Reference Points.

3.4 The XML Capability Access Protocol (XCAP). 

3.5 User Authentication and Authorization.

3.6 XCAP Applications and Documents Used in OMA XDM.

3.7 Summary and Conclusions.

3.8 References.

4 The OMA Presence Service.

4.1 Introduction.

4.2 General Presence Concepts.

4.3 The OMA Presence Service.

4.4 The Resource List Server.

4.5 XDM Presence Applications: Presence Policies and Resource Lists.

4.6 Enhancing PoC User Experience with Presence Capabilities.

4.7 Summary, Conclusions and Some Final Comments about the Presence Service.

4.8 References.

5 Deploying Group Communication with IMS.

5.1 Introduction.

5.2 3G IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Concepts.

5.3 OMA PoC over IMS.

5.4 IMS User Identity Management.

5.5 IMS Connectivity.

5.6 Charging PoC Services with IMS.

5.7 Device Management.

5.8 Radio Access Network Parameters.

5.9 Summary and Conclusions.

5.10 References.

6 Examples of Group Communication Sessions.

6.1 Introduction.

6.2 PoC Service Registration.

6.3 Ad hoc Group Session.

6.4 Pre arranged Group Session.

6.5 Chat Group Session.

6.6 Restricted Chat session example.

6.7 Talk Burst Control Procedures without Queuing.

6.8 Talk Burst Control Procedures with Queuing.

6.9 Summary and Conclusions.

6.10 References.

7 Value Added PoC Services.

7.1 Introduction.

7.2 Value Added PoC Service Roles.

7.3 Integrating PoC Service with Existing Value Added Services.

7.4 Push to Infotainment.

7.5 Location Based Services with PoC and Presence.

7.6 PoC PC Client Example.

7.7 PoC for Vertical Segments.

7.8 Summary and Conclusions.

8 OMA PoC2 Group Communication Concepts.

8.1 Group Communication Roles.

8.2 Multimedia Group Communication Use Cases.

8.3 Multimedia Group Communication Implementation.

8.4 Summary and Conclusions.

8.5 References.

9 Multimedia Group Communication Evolution: PoC2, XDM2, Presence 2 and Simple IM.

9.1 Introduction.

9.2 Architectural Elements of OMA PoC2.

9.3 OMA XDMv2.

9.4 OMA Presence Version 2.

9.5 OMA SIMPLE Messaging.

9.6 Summary and Conclusions.

9.7 References.

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298 pagina's
Januari 2008
658 gram
241 x 171 x 19 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen