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Technische wetenschappen
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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

David H. Ramirez

IPTV Security

Protecting High-Value Digital Contents

€ 150.95

Television was one of the inventions that shaped the way society and culture evolved over the second half of the twentieth century. It had the powerful effect of shrinking the world which creating a unified view of how things were. There continues to be an evolution of television and a migration towards a fully interactive and ubiquitous IPTV.

Taal / Language : English


About the Author.

1. Introduction to IPTV

1.1 Introduction.

1.2 General Threats to IPTV Deployments.

2. Principles Supporting IPTV.

2.1 History of video and television.

2.2 Viewing Experience of Video.

2.3 Video compression.

2.4 TCP/IP Principles.

2.5 Summary.

3. IPTV Architecture.

3.1 High level Architecture.

3.2 Functional architecture for the IPTV service.

3.3 Detailed IPTV architecture.

3.4 Summary.

4.Intellectual Property (IP).

4.1  Introduction.

4.2 Supporting technology.

4.3 General mechanisms for content protection.

4.4 Operation of DRM on IPTV.

4.5 Watermarking and Fingerprinting.

4.6 WWW? (What went wrong).

4.7 Authentication.

4.8 Summary.

5.Existing Threats to IPTV implementations.

5.1 Introduction to IPTV Threats.

5.2 IPTV Service provider Head End.

5.3 IPTV Network provider transport and aggregation network.

5.4 IPTV Subscriber Home End.

5.5 Conclusion.

6. Countering the Threats.

6.1 Securing the basis.

6.2 Head End (IPTV Service Provider).

6.3Aggregation and Transport Network.

6.4 Home End.

6.5 Secure IPTV a reality.

Appendix 1. Converged Video Security.

A1.1 Introduction.

A1.2 Threats to IPTV Deployments.

A1.3 Protecting Intellectual Property.

A1.4 VOD and Broadcast.

A1.5 Smart Cards and DRM.

A1.6 Countering the Threats.

A1.6.1 Threat References.

A1.6.2 Threat Models.

Appendix 2. Federated Identity in IPTV Environments.

A2.1 Introduction.

A2.2 IPTV Federated Identity Solutions.

A2.3 Applicability to an IPTV Security Environment.

A2.4 Video on Demand.

Appendix 3. Barbarians at the Gate.

A3.1 Barbarians at the Gate.

A3.2 How to Break an IPTV Environment.

A3.3 Network Under Siege.

A3.4 Countermeasures.

A3.5 Conclusion.

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252 pagina's
Januari 2008
612 gram
254 x 171 x 13 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen