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Queen, Robin

Vox Popular

The Surprising Life of Language in the Media

€ 39.95

Our favorite movies and TV shows feature indelible characters who tell us about themselves not just in what they say but in how they say it. The creative decisions behind these voices—such as what accent or dialect to use—offer rich data for sociolinguistic study.

Taal / Language : English

Preface and Acknowledgements A Note on the Linguistic Conventions Used in Vox Popular . Keywords found in each Chapter   Chapter 1: Language in a mediated world Mad Men in a Modern Family world Why does a linguist care about Mad Men or Modern Family Narrative media as a site for linguistic exploration Language variation within the narrative audiovisual media   Chapter 2: Exploring Language and Language Variation Introduction Languages and Dialects The components of a grammar All the systems work as a system: The case of Systems of variation: English Personal Pronouns Language change   Chapter 3: Studying Language Variation in the Media Introduction Formulating a research question Turning narrative media into data Analytic orientations Transcribing your data Coding your data Constructing a corpus Quantitative methods Qualitative methods Triangulating your evidence with different analytic approaches   Chapter 4: Dimensions of Variation Introduction Non-linguistic/Linguistic Spoken/Written Nonstandard/Standard Informal/Formal Unplanned/Planned Local/Global Private/Public Putting it all together   Chapter 5:  Making Language Variation Meaningful Introduction Meaning Indexical Meaning Ideology Ideology about language Ideology, indexicality and power   Chapter 6: Language Variation and Characterization Introduction Characterization and Language Realness and Authenticity Identity and Identification Relational Identity Norms and Types Social Personae Indexical Authenticity   Chapter 7: Language as Narrative Action Introduction Performance and Speech Acts Language as a plot device Switching as action Taboo language as action   Chapter 8: Connecting Language Variation to the Audience Introduction Audiences Audience Design Setting expectations for viewers Enregisterment Stylization Interacting with audiovisual media Conclusion  
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Paperback / softback
288 pagina's
Januari 2015
461 gram
250 x 150 x 22 mm
John Wiley & Sons Inc us

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