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Potter, Lois

The Life of William Shakespeare

A Critical Biography

€ 116.55

The life of William Shakespeare is a fascinating and wide-ranging exploration of Shakespeare`s life and works focusing on often neglected literary and historical contexts: what Shakespeare read, who he worked with as an author and an actor, and how these various collaborations may have affected his writing.

Taal / Language : English

List of Illustrations

Preface and Acknowledgements

List of Abbreviations

1: `Born into the World` 1564-1571

2: `Nemo Sibi Nascitur` 1571-1578

3: `Hic et Ubique` 1578-1588

4: `This Man`s Art and That Man`s Scope` 1588-93

5: `Tiger`s Hearts` 1591-1593

6: `The Dangerous Year` 1593-4

7: `Our Usual Manager of Mirth` 1594-5

8: `The Strong`st and Surest Way to Get` 1595-6

9: `When Love Speaks` 1595-6

10: `You Had a Father, Let Your Son Say So` 1597-8

11: `Unworthy Scaffold` 1598-9

12: `These Words Are Not Mine` 1599-1601

13: `Looking Before and After` 1600-2

14: `This Most Balmy Time` 1603-5

15: `Past the Size of Dreaming` 1606-8

16: `Like an Old Tale` 1609-11

17: `The Second Burden` 1612-16

18: In the Mouths of Men` 1616-

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List of Illustrations [ADD SHAKESPEARE FAMILY TREE?]

1 Map of Stratford upon Avon as it was in the sixteenth century.

2 Drawing by Samuel Ireland of New Place, the Gild Chapel, and the Grammar School in Stratford.

3 Map of London, showing places associated with Shakespeare

4 Cobbe portrait of the Earl of Southampton.

5 Richard Burbage

6 The Shakespeare coat of arms

7 Title page of The Spanish Tragedy with woodcut

8 Ben Jonson

9 Will Kemp (9 Days` Wonder)

10 Robert Armin, from frontispiece to The Two Maids of Moreclacke

11 Title page from Love`s Martyr

12 Page from MS of Sir Thomas More

13 George Chapman

14 John Lowin

15 Thomas Middleton

16 Painful Adventures of Pericles, showing Gower

17 John Fletcher

18 Page of Shakespeare`s will, showing signatures

19 Shakespeare`s bust in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford

20 Shakespeare First Folio: frontispiece and Jonson`s verses

21 John Suckling holding Shakespeare folio (painting by Van Dyck)

22 Images of Shakespeare and his characters, as portrayed by actors

23 Composite of Shakespeare portraits
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512 pagina's
Januari 2012
792 gram
234 x 160 x 29 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen