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Post, Peggy, Senning, Cindy Post

Emily Post`s The Gift Of Good Manners

A Parent`s Guide To Raising Respectful, Kind, Considerate Children

€ 22.95

A guide on how to raise etiquette-savvy children is organized into six parts by age and provides chapters on such topics as values and ethics, respect for oneself and others, verbal and written communications, social occasions, and classroom behavior. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

Taal / Language : English

Foreword xiii
Introduction xvii
PART ONE Waking to the World: Birth to Twelve Months
CHAPTER 1 Building the Foundations
You`re the Model
Visits and Gifts
The Building Blocks
Actions Beget Reactions
Setting Limits
A Safe and Warm Environment
CHAPTER 2 First Lessons in Respect
Siblings as Rivals
Other Adults
Playgroups and Other Children
Competitive Parenting
Child-Care Etiquette Issues
Respecting Property
CHAPTER 3 The Budding Communicator
How Babies Communicate
Talking to Your Baby
The Reading Habit
Interactive Games and Play
CHAPTER 4 At the Table
First Meals
Mealtime Routines and Rituals
Together at the Table
CHAPTER 5 In the Larger World
Private Occasions
In Public Places
Religious and Other Special Observances
In the Car
Breast-Feeding in Public
FOR EVERY AGE Children with Special Needs
PART TWO Learning the Basics: One to Three Years
CHAPTER 6 Establishing Your Values
Clarifying Your Values
Teaching Right from Wrong
Encouraging Empathy
The Real Meaning of Discipline
Discipline That Works
Managing Tantrums
Early Decision Making
CHAPTER 7 Respecting Others
Welcoming a New Baby
Toddlers and Older Siblings
Playing with Peers
Dealing with Adults
Respect for Property
Choosing Toys and Activities
Tasks for Toddlers
Protecting the Property of Others
CHAPTER 8 Building Communication Skills
Encouraging Language Learning
Vocal Control
Telephone Manners
First Thank-You Notes
CHAPTER 9 Toddler Table Manners
First Steps
Behavior at the Table
Setting the Family Table
CHAPTER 10 Going Out and About
Car Travel
Private Occasions
Who`s Minding the Child?
About Birthday Parties
Out in Public
Tantrums in Public
Stranger Danger
FOR EVERY AGE New Family Etiquette Issues
PART THREE The Age of Discovery: Three Through Five Years
CHAPTER 11 Learning About Values
Four Vital Steps
Empathy and Fairness
Honesty and Reality
CHAPTER 12 Promoting Respect
Sibling Relations
Playing with Peers
Cooperating with Adults
Coping with Peer Problems
Discovering Diversity
Introducing Good Sportsmanship
About Privacy
Taking Care of Property
Encouraging Thriftiness
CHAPTER 13 The Expanding World of Language
Conversing with Your Child
The Basic Manners of Talk
Reinforcing the `Magic Words`
Meeting-and-Greeting Manners
Unsavory Talk
Teaching Telephone Manners
Communicating in Writing
CHAPTER 14 Teaching Mealtime Manners
Mealtime Basics
Respecting Food Preferences
CHAPTER 15 Out-and-About Behavior
Public Places and Activities
Disciplining in Public
Mobile Manners
Party Manners
FOR EVERY AGE Working It Out, Parent-to-Parent
PART FOUR The Socialization Years: Six Through Ten Years
CHAPTER 16 Instilling Values and Ethics
Kindness in Action
Introducing Common Sense
New Issues in Honesty
If a Child Steals
Concerning Cheating
Borrowing and Trading
The Value of Tradition
CHAPTER 17 The Importance of Respect
The Privacy Question
The New World of School
A Parent`s Responsibilities
Respect for All School Personnel
The Power of Peers
Social Essentials
Dealing with Bullying
Teaching Joining-In Skills
Encouraging Good Sportsmanship
CHAPTER 18 Oral and Written Communication
More `Magic Words`
The Art of Conversation
Why Language Matters
Undesirable Talk
On the Telephone
Putting It in Writing
CHAPTER 19 Improving Table Manners
Fine-Tuning Basic Skills
Dining Out
CHAPTER 20 Learning About the World
Going Solo
At Parties
First Sleepovers
Other Out-and-About Occasions
FOR EVERY AGE The Over-Programmed Child
PART FIVE The Bumpy Years: Eleven Through Fourteen Years
CHAPTER 21 Moral and Ethical Values
Change for Everyone
New Ways to Discipline
Privacy Issues
CHAPTER 22 Respect for Self and Others
The Changing Child
The Influence of Peers
Hygiene and Grooming
Respect Within the Family
Teen Chores
Caring About Others
CHAPTER 23 Skillful Communication
Your Guiding Hand
Invitations and Replies
Thank-You Notes
Polite Conversation
Introductions and Greetings
On the Phone
CHAPTER 24 Dining Manners
The Proper Setting
A Few Food Manners
Table Traumas
CHAPTER 25 Out on Their Own
Transportation Concerns
At School
Party Time
Rituals and Celebrations
Adolescents in Groups
Interaction with Peers
Summertime Activities
Joining the Workforce
FOR EVERY AGE School Problems
PART SIX On the Threshold: Fifteen Through Eighteen Years
CHAPTER 26 Moral and Ethical Choices
Trusting Your Teen
Keeping Communication Open
Freedom Versus Discipline
The Value of Education
The Truth About Cheating
CHAPTER 27 Demonstrating Respect Every Day
The Art of Disagreement
Respect for Diversity
Respect for the Opposite Sex
Self-Image and Appearance
Privacy Considerations
Good Sports, Good Leaders
CHAPTER 28 The Power of Communication
Notes and Personal Letters
Writing Business Letters
High Schoolers and Speech
On the Phone
Speaking in Public
CHAPTER 29 The Etiquette of Entertaining
When Teens Are Hosts
Issuing Invitations
The Duties of Hosting
Being a Good Guest
CHAPTER 30 The Challenging World
Licensed to Drive
On the Job
The Benefits of Dating
Dating Etiquette for Teens
Very Special Occasions
Fine Points of Restaurant Dining
Concerning Tipping
FOR EVERY AGE Getting to College
Index 435
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
450 pagina's
Januari 2005
608 gram
235 x 152 x 38 mm
William Morrow & Co us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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