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Alan L. Porter

Forecasting and Management of Technology

€ 168.95

Published in 1991, the first edition of Forecasting and Management of Technology was one of the leading handful of books to deal with the topic of forecasting of technology and technology management as this discipline was emerging.

Taal / Language : English

Chapter 1. Introduction.

1.1 About this Book.

1.2 Technology and Society.

1.3 Management and the Future.

1.4 Conclusions.


Chapter 2. Technology Forecasting.

2.1 What is Technology Forecasting?

2.2 Methodological Foundations.

2.3 Technology Forecasting Methods.

2.4 Conclusion.


Chapter 3. Managing the Forecasting Project.

3.1 Information Needs of the Forecasting Project.

3.2 Planning the Technology Forecast.

3.3 Team Organization, Management and Communications.

3.4 Success: The Right Information at the Right Time.

3.5 Project Scheduling.

3.6 Conclusions.


Chapter 4. Exploring.

4.1 Establishing the Context - The TDS.

4.2 Monitoring.

4.3 The Stimulation of Creativity.

4.4 Conclusion.


Chapter 5. Gathering and Using Information.

5.1 Expert Opinion.

5.3 Structuring The Search.

5.4 Preparing Search Results.

5.5 Using Search Results.

5.6 Developing Science, Technology and Social Indicators.

5.7 Communicating Search Results.

5.8 Conclusions.


Chapter 6. Analyzing Phase.

6.1 Perspective on Data and Methods.

6.2 Linear Regression and Extensions.

6.3 Growth Models.

6.4 Simulation.

6.5 Monte Carlo Simulation.

6.6 System Dynamics.

6.7 Gaming.

6.8 Software Suggestions.


Chapter 7. Focusing Phase: Using Scenario Analysis.

7.1 Uncertainty.

7.2 Scenarios.

7.3 Examples and Applications.

7.4 Scenarios: Extensions and Advanced Techniques.

7.5 Conclusions.


Chapter 8. Economic and Market Analysis.

8.1 The Context.

8.2 Forecasting the Market.

8.3 Forecasting the Economic Context.

8.4 Forecasting in an Institutional Context.

8.5 Conclusion.


Chapter 9. Impact Assessment.

9.1 Impact Assessment in Technology Forecasting.

9.2 Impacts on Technology and Impacts of Technology.

9.3 A Comprehensive Approach to Impact Assessment.

9.4 Impact Identification.

9.5 Impact Analysis.

9.6 Impact Evaluation.

9.7 Conclusion.


Chapter 10. Cost-Benefit and Risk Analysis.

10.1 Opportunity Costs and Choices.

10.2 Cost-Benefit Analysis.

10.3 Accounting for Risk and Uncertainty.

10.4 Concluding the Focusing Phase.


Chapter 11. Implementing the Technology.

11.1 Forecasting Continues.

11.2 Implementation Issues.

11.3 Strategic Planning for Technology Implementation.

11.4 Selecting From Alternative Implementations of the Technology.

11.5 Technology Roadmapping.

11.6 When Plans and Forecasts Fail.

11.7 Summary and Concluding Observations.


Chapter 12. Managing the Present From the Future.

12.1 The Overall Approach.

12.2 Selecting Methods and Techniques.

12.3 Alternative perspectives.

12.4 Learning From Past Forecasts and Assessments.

12.5 Visions.

12.6 A Final Word.


Chapter 13. Case Study on Forecasting Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells.

13.1 Framing the Case Study.

13.2 Methods.

13.3 The Rest of the Story.

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352 pagina's
Januari 2011
616 gram
235 x 163 x 23 mm
John Wiley & Sons us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen