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Technische wetenschappen
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Paul, Sanjoy

Digital Video Distribution in Broadband, Television, Mobile and Converged Networks

Trends, Challenges and Solutions

€ 91.95

A unique treatment of digital video distribution technology in a business context, Digital Video Distribution in Broadband, Television, Mobile and Converged Networks explores a range of diverse topics within the field through a combination of theory and practice to provide the best possible insight and exposure.

Taal / Language : English

PART I: Technology Trends

1..... Convergence

1.1 Industry Convergence.

1.2 Device Convergence.

1.3 Network Convergence.

1.4 Service Convergence.

1.5 Summary.

1.6 References.

2..... Video Compression, Encoding and Transport

2.1 Still image compression.

2.2 Video compression.

2.3 Video Transport

2.4 Summary.

2.5 References.

3..... IPTV vs. Internet Television.

3.1 Internet Television and Video over IP.

3.2 Summary.

3.3 References.

4..... Multicast

4.1 Multicast in IPTV Networks.

4.2 Multicast in Mobile Networks.

4.3 Summary.

4.4 References.

5..... Technology Trend and its Impact on Video on Demand Service over Internet

5.1 Open vs. Closed Networks.

5.2 Open Networks.

5.3 Closed Networks.

5.4 Summary.

5.5 References.

6..... Summary of Part I

b>PART II: Challenges for Distributing Video in OPEN Networks.

7..... Movie on Demand.

7.1 Resource Estimation.

7.2 Alternative Distribution Models.

7.3 Summary.

7.4 References.

8..... Internet Television.

8.1 Resource Estimation.

8.2 P2P Networks for Streaming.

8.3 Provider Portal for P2P (P4P)

8.4 Summary.

8.5 References.

9..... Broadcast Television.

9.1 Resource Estimation.

9.2 Technology.

9.3 Products.

9.4 Summary.

9.5 References.

10..... Digital Rights Management (DRM)

10.1 DRM Functional Architecture.

10.2 Modeling Content in DRM Functional Architecture.

10.3 Modeling Rights Expression in DRM Functional Architecture.

10.4 How DRM works.

10.5 Summary.

10.6 References.

11..... Quality of Experience (QoE)

11.1 QoE Cache: Designing a QoE aware Edge Caching System..

11.2 Further Insights and Optimizations for Video Streaming over Wireless.

11.3 Performance of QoE Cache.

11.4 Additional Features and Optimizations Possible for QoE Cache.

11.5 Summary.

11.6 References.

12..... Opportunistic Video Delivery Services in Delay Tolerant Networks.

12.1 Introduction.

12.2 Design Principles.

12.3 Alternative Architectures.

12.4 Converged Architecture.

12.5 Summary.

12.6 References.

13..... Summary of Part II

b>Part III: Challenges for Distributing Video in CLOSED Networks.

14..... Network Architecture Evolution.

15..... IP Television (IPTV)

15.1 IPTV Service Classifications.

15.2 Requirements for Providing IPTV Services.

15.3 Displayed Quality Requirements.

15.4 Transport Requirements.

15.5 Modes of Transport

15.6 Summary.

15.7 References.

16..... Video distribution in Converged Networks.

16.1 Impact of Treating each Network as Independent Entities.

16.2 Challenges in Synergizing the Networks and Avoiding Duplication.

16.3 Potential Approach to Address Multi Channel Heterogeneity.

16.4 Commercial Transcoders.

16.5 Architecture of a system that embodies the above concepts.

16.6 Benefits of the Proposed Architecture.

16.7 Case Study: Virtual Personal Multimedia Library.

16.8 Summary.

16.9 References.

17..... Quality of Service (QoS) in IPTV..

17.1 QoS Requirements: Application Layer

17.2 QoS Requirements: Transport Layer

17.3 QoS Requirements: Network Layer

17.4 QoE Requirements: Control Functions.

17.5 QoE requirements VoD trick mode.

17.6 IPTV QoS Requirements at a Glance.

17.7 Summary.

17.8 References.

18..... QoS Monitoring and Assurance.

18.1 A Representative Architecture for End to End QoE Assurance.

18.2 IPTV QoE Monitoring.

18.3 IPTV QoE Monitoring Tools.

18.4 Summary.

18.5 References.

19..... Security of Video in Converged Networks.

19.1 Threats to Digital Video Content

19.2 Existing Video Content Protection Technologies.

19.3 Comparison of Content Protection Technologies.

19.4 Threats in Traditional and Converged Networks.

19.5 Requirements of a Comprehensive Content Protection System

19.6 Unified Content Management and Protection (UCOMAP) Framework.

19.7 Case Study: Secure Video Store.

19.8 Summary.

19.9 References.

20..... Challenges for Scalable Video on Demand (VoD) Service.

20.1 Closed loop schemes.

20.2 Open loop schemes.

20.3 Hybrid scheme.

20.4 Summary.

20.5 References.

21..... Challenges for Distributing Video in Mobile Wireless Networks.

21.1 Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS)

21.2 Digital Video Broadcast Handhelds (DVB H)

21.3 Forward Link Only (FLO)

21.4 Digital Rights Management (DRM) for Mobile Video Content

21.5 Summary.

21.6 References.

22..... IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and IPTV..

22.1 IMS Architecture.

22.2 IMS Service Model

22.3 IMS Signaling.

22.4 Integration of IPTV in IMS Architecture.

22.5 Summary.

22.6 References.

23..... Summary of Part III

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Januari 2010
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Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen