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Oceanie Vanmeenen


A rollercoaster of emotions: Buckle up and enjoy the ride

€ 21.66

Who would have thought I would ever publish MY WRITINGS?! I, for one, do not! Off course, I dreamed about it. For years, more than a decade even. But it took me a long time to vision it. Still, I’m really doing it now. Publishing my own writings. It’s scary, stressing and yet exciting and fun at the same time. A REAL ROLLERCASTER RIDE, you could say. Do you ever have the feeling you’re on a rollercoaster ride that never stops? Yes?! Then you’re in the right place here, because this LIFE-POETRY COLLECTION covers different important life-subjects en therefore rollercoaster rides. Examples are FAMILY, FRIENDS, FUTURE, WORK, LOVE, LIFE vs DEATH, … Along the go, you will notice a change in perspective (and writing-style) to these divers life-subjects. GROWING UP may have something to do with that. After all, this poetry-collection was written by myself throughout the ages of 12 till 25-year old. Right into puberty, where I underwent a switch from a very emotional, questionable and unstable state to a more rational, knowing and stable state. All that WRITING AND TALKING about my own FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS helped me a lot. Still, I wanted to do more. I wanted to HELP people too.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
38 pagina's
Met illustraties
Juli 2018
140 gram
297 x 210 x 4 mm
Brave New Books

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