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O`Sullivan, Patrick

The Lakes Handbook

2 Volume Set

€ 573.95

Continuing concern about water supply and quality, ecosystem sustainability and restoration demands that the modern approach to the management of lakes and reservoirs should be based on a sound understanding of the application of the scientific and ecological principles that underlie freshwater processes.

Taal / Language : English

Volume I.

1. Lakes, Limnology And Limnetic Ecology: Towards A New Synthesis.

2. The Origin Of Lake Basins.

3. The Hydrology Of Lakes.

4. Chemical Processes Regulating The Composition Of Lake Waters.

5. Physical Properties Of Water Relevant To Limnology And Limnetic Ecology.

6. The Motion Of Lake Waters.

7. Regulatory Impacts Of Humic Substances In Lakes.

8. Sedimentation And Lake Sediment Formation.

9. Organisation And Energetic Partitioning Of Limnetic Communities.

10. Phytoplankton.

11. Aquatic Plants And Lake Ecosystems.

12. Benthic Invertebrates.

13. Pelagic Microbes Protozoa And The Microbial Food Web.

14. Zooplankton.

15. Fish Population Ecology.

16. Fish Community Ecology.

17. Self Regulation Of Limnetic Ecosystems.

18. Palaeolimnology.

Volume II.

Part I: General Issues:.

1. Introduction: Eutrophication And The Value Of Lakes.

2. Assault On The Quality Of Lakes.

Part II: Regional Studies:.

3. Lakes North America.

4. Lake Washington.

5. Nordic Lakes.

6. Alpine Lakes.

7. Lake Baikal.

8. Lakes Of The Arid Zone.

9. Lakes Of Latin America.

Part III: Human Impact On Specific Lake Types:.

10. Shallow, Temperate Lakes.

11. Shallow, Tropical Lakes.

12. Reservoirs.

13. Lake Acidification.

Part IV: Lake And Catchment Models:.

14. Catchment Models.

15. OECD Models.

16. Lake Models.

17. The Reversal Of Eutrophication.

18. Biomanipulation.

19. Restoration Of Acidified Lakes.

Part V: Legal Frameworks:.

20. North America.

21. Nordic Europe.

22. East Africa.

23. South Africa
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528 pagina's
Januari 2005
2767 gram
254 x 197 x 76 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen