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O`Neill, Michael

Twentieth-Century British and Irish Poetry

Hardy to Mahon

€ 44.79

Twentieth Century British and Irish Poetry offers an accessible, imaginative, and highly stimulating guide to the criticism of British and Irish poetry in the twentieth century. Through an insightful narrative, Michael O Neill knits together contributions by major critics, as well as essays by a number of celebrated poet critics.

Taal / Language : English



1 Modern Poetry: Transition and Trauma (Thomas Hardy, Edward Thomas and Wilfred Owen).

Thomas Hardy.

Extract from British Poetry in the Age of Modernism (Peter Howarth).

Edward Thomas.

Extract from The Poetry of Edward Thomas (Andrew Motion).

Wilfred Owen.

Extract from Poetry of Mourning (Jahan Ramazani).

2 Forms of Modernism: Things Fall Apart (W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot and D. H. Lawrence).

W. B. Yeats.

Extract from Our Secret Discipline (Helen Vendler).

T. S. Eliot.

Extract from He Do the Police in Different Voices (Calvin Bedient).

D. H. Lawrence.

Extract from `Hibiscus and Salvia Flowers` (Tom Paulin).

3 Poetry of the Thirties: Between Two Fires (W. H. Auden, Louis MacNeice and Stephen Spender).

W. H. Auden.

Extract from `The 1930s Poetry of W. H. Auden` (Michael O`Neill).

Louis MacNeice.

Extract from Louis MacNeice (Peter McDonald).

Stephen Spender.

Extracts from The Ironic Harvest (Geoffrey Thurley).

4 Poetry of the Forties: Realism and Rhetoric (Keith Douglas and Dylan Thomas).

Keith Douglas.

Extract from `I in Another Place` (Geoffrey Hill).

Dylan Thomas.

Extract from The Romantic Survival (John Bayley).

5 Post-War Poetry: Feature less Morning, Featureless Night Philip Larkin and the Movement (Philip Larkin).

Extract from Out of Reach (Andrew Swarbrick).

The Movement.

Extract from The Movement (Blake Morrison).

6 Beyond the Movement: No Bloodless Myth (Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath and Geoffrey Hill).

Ted Hughes.

Extract from `Ted Hughes: The Double Voice` (Margaret Dickie).

Sylvia Plath.

Extract from Sylvia Plath and the Theatre of Mourning (Christina Britzolakis).

Geoffrey Hill .

Extract from `History to the Defeated` (Alan Robinson).

7 Situated Sequences and Marginal Voices (Basil Bunting, Hugh MacDiarmid, Thomas Kinsella, Stevie Smith and Tony Harrison).

Hugh MacDiarmid, Thomas Kinsella, and Basil Bunting.

Extracts from The Modern Poetic Sequence (M. L. Rosenthal and Sally M. Gall).

Stevie Smith.

Extract from A History of Twentieth-Century British Women`s Poetry (Jane Dowson and Alice Entwistle).

Tony Harrison.

Extract from The Poetry of Tony Harrison (Luke Spencer).

8 Northern Irish Poetry: The Poles of Our Condition (Seamus Heaney and Derek Mahon).

Seamus Heaney.

Extracts from The Poetry of Seamus Heaney (Neil Corcoran).

Derek Mahon.

Extract from Poetry in the Wars (Edna Longley).


Recommended Reading.

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Paperback / softback
312 pagina's
Januari 2011
468 gram
230 x 160 x 18 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen