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Noorossana, Rassoul

Statistical Analysis of Profile Monitoring

€ 150.95

  • This is the first book of its kind on the subject. It is written by experts in the field (such as J.D. Williams of General Electric Global Research, Jeffrey B. Birch at VPI, and Longcheen Huwang of the Institute of Statistics at Tsing Hua University Hsin Chu). It is current and presents state-of-the-art materials.

    Taal / Language : English

    1. Introduction to Profile Monitoring.

    1.1 Functional Relationships Qualified as Profile.

    1.2 Functional Relationships not Qualified as Profiles.

    1.3 Structure   of This Book.

    2. Simple Linear Profiles.

    2.1 Phase I Simple Linear Profile.

    2.2 Phase II Simple Linear Profile.

    2.3 Special Cases and an Important Application.

    2.4 Diagnostic Statistics.

    2.5 Violation of the Model Assumption.

    3. Multiple Linear and Polynomial Profiles.

    3.1 Monitoring Multiple Linear Profiles.

    3.2 Monitoring Polynomial Profiles.

    4. Binary Response Profiles.

    4.1 Model Setting and Parameter Estimation.

    4.2 Phase I Control.

    4.3 Phase II Monitoring.

    4.4 Applications.

    4.5 Conclusions.

    5. Parametric Nonlinear Profiles.

    5.1 Nonlinear Model Estimation.

    5.2 Phase I Methods.

    5.3 Phase II Methods.

    5.4 Variance Profiles.

    6. Nonparametric Nonlinear Profiles.

    6.1 Model Formulation and Nonparametric Example.

    6.2 Splines.

    6.3 Component Analysis.

    6.4 Wavelets.

    7. Multivariate Linear Profiles Monitoring.

    7.1 Monitoring Multivariate Simple Linear Profiles.

    7.2 Monitoring Multivariate Multiple Linear Profiles.

    8. Statistical Process Control for Geometric Specifications.

    8.1 Examples of Geometric Feature Concerning Circularity.

    8.2 Control Charts for Profile Monitoring.

    8.3 Simple Approaches for Monitoring Manufactured Profiles: the Industrial Practice.

    8.4 Performance Comparison.

    8.5 Moving from 2D Profiles to 3D Surfaces.

    8.6 Concluding Remarks.

    9. Correlation and Autocorrelation in Profiles.

    9.1 Methods for WPA for Linear Models.

    9.2 Methods for BPC for Linear Models.

    9.3 Methods for WPA and BPC for Other (Non-Linear) Models.

    9.4 Phase I Analysis.

    9.5 Phase II Analysis.

    9.6 Related Issues: Rational Sub-grouping and Random Effects.

    9.7 Discussion and Open Questions.

    10. Nonparametric Profile Monitoring.

    10.1 Monitoring Profiles Based on Nonparametric Regression.

    10.2 Nonparametric Profile Monitoring Using Change-Point Formulation and Adaptive Smoothing.

    10.3 Nonparametric Profile Monitoring by Mixed Effects Modeling.
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    332 pagina's
    Januari 2011
    698 gram
    242 x 162 x 25 mm
    Wiley-Blackwell us

    Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen