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Nicol, Janet

One Mind, Two Languages

Bilingual Language Processing

€ 49.95

    Surveys current research in language processing from both linguistic and psycholinguistic perspectives.

      Includes new empirical research and extensive summaries of relevant past work.

        Written by leading experts in the field.

        Taal / Language : English

        Notes on Contributors ix
        Preface xi
        The Bilingual`s Language Modes
        Francois Grosjean
        The Voicing Contrast in English and Spanish: The Relationship between Perception and Production
        Mary L. Zampini
        Kerry P. Green
        The Development of Conceptual Representation for Words in a Second Language
        Judith F. Kroll
        Natasha Tokowicz
        The Nature of the Bilingual Lexicon: Experiments with the Masked Priming Paradigm
        Kenneth I. Forster
        Nan Jiang
        Explaining Aspects of Code-Switching and Their Implications
        Carol Myers-Scotton
        Janice L. Jake
        Production of Verb Agreement in Monolingual, Bilingual and Second-Language Speakers
        Janet L. Nicol
        Matthew Teller
        Delia Greth
        A Theory of Syntactic Interference in the Bilingual
        Montserrat Sanz
        Thomas G. Bever
        Sentence Parsing in Fluent Spanish-English Bilinguals
        Paola E. Dussias
        Print as a Primary Source of English for Deaf Learners
        Samuel J. Supalla
        Tina R. Wix
        Cecile McKee
        References 191(18)
        Index 209
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        Paperback / softback
        236 pagina's
        Januari 2001
        431 gram
        241 x 171 x 19 mm
        John Wiley and Sons Ltd us

        Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen