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Ng, Stephanie

How to Pass the Cpa Exam

The Guide for International Candidates

€ 41.95

A CPA exam guide written specifically for international students The US CPA qualification exam is the most popular professional accounting qualification not just in the United States, but around the world as well.

Taal / Language : English

1. Why The US CPA Qualification is Becoming More Popular Around The World • Facts and Statistics • CPA Exam Going International • Why You Want To Become A US Qualified CPA a. Globally recognized b. Open to more opportunities e.g. working in multi-national corporations and the increase the chance to get transferred to other regional offices within the firm c. It’s a fast track 2. How To Become A CPA With Non-US Background • Getting Qualified a. It Could Be A Complicated Process b. The Basic “3E” Requirements And How To Get Qualified c. Exemptions That May Be Applicable To Chartered Accountants In Other Countries d. What To Watch Out For When You Submit Your Application • Taking The CPA Exam: The What, When, Where, How a. [The What] Overview of the AICPA exam b. [The When] Exam Schedules c. [The Where] The Availability Of Overseas Exam Sites And The Restrictions d. [The How] How To Prepare For The  Exam • Studying For The CPA Exam a. Common Challenges Faced By International Candidates b. Review Books Translated In Local Language vs Original Books Written In English c. Non-US Candidates May Not Be Familiar With The Format Of The Exam 3. CPA Exam Studying Tactics • Before The Study a. The Planning Phase b. A Checklist c. Determine How Much Time You Need For The Study • During The Study a. Skim Through The Entire Book Once. Identify The Difficult Topics And Adjust Study Plan Accordingly b. Read The Book One Sub-Section Of A time c. Rewriting Own Notes X Point form X Leave white space for additional notes X Can write translation of certain terms on the side but the notes should be written in English X Wiley Focus Notes d. Keep Working On Practice Questions On This Sub-Section e. Allocate Sufficient Time To Go Over the Explanations In Detail f. Understand The Mistakes Before Moving On g. Redo The Incorrect Practice Questions Until You Get It Right For The Right Reason h. Repeat b-f In The Next Sub-Section • Simulations • Written Communications • Practice Under Stress 4. CPA Exam Taking Tactics • Overview • Time Management • Be Psychologically Prepared That the Testlet May Become More Difficult • How To Deal With The “Subjective” Answers • Try Your Best Not To Take Any Breaks For FAR And REG 5. Exam Tactis For Each Part Of The Exam 6. Count-Down Plan • One month before the exam • One week before the exam • One day before the exam • Night before the exam • 15 minutes before you leave home for the exam • 15 minutes before the exam • Finally… The 3 Dos And Don’ts During The Exam Appendix • Detailed Study Plan • Checklist For The Exam Day
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Paperback / softback
253 pagina's
Januari 2017
340 gram
226 x 150 x 20 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen