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Nathan  Mooij,Naked Eye Project
Naked Eye Project - More than meets the eye - ENGELS
Naked Eye Project B.V.
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Are you also fascinated by what happens when you look into someone`s eyes? You can drown in them. Or they can be eyes that look away. They can be intoxicating, or they seem to look straight through you. Why do we make or avoid eye contact?

And does what we see in a person`s left eye differ from what we see in their right eye? Can we see emotion in the right eye which is connected to the emotional right hemisphere of the brain? And do we see a visible connection of rational left hemisphere in the left eye? We invite you to look at the portraits in this book and let us know what you see.
Naked Eye Project - More than meets the eye!

Taal / Language : English

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Naked Eye Project B.V.

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