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Nagireddi, Sivannarayana

VoIP Voice and Fax Signal Processing

€ 174.95

  • Complete and systematic signal processing reference on VoIP Voice and Fax signal processing
  • Covers several aspects of deployment and connecting practical aspects with the module and the algorithms.
  • Shows the reader how to troubleshoot the problems discussed in the book.

    Taal / Language : English


    About the Author.



    1. PSTN Basic Infrastructure, Interfaces, and Signals.

    2. VoIP Overview and Infrastructure.

    3. Voice Compression.

    4. Generic VAD/CNG for Waveform Codecs.

    5. Packet Loss Concealment Techniques.

    6. ECHO Cancellation.

    7. DTMF Detection, Generation, and Rejection.

    8. Caller ID Features in VoIP.

    9. Wideband Voice Modules Operation.

    10. Packetization RTP, RTCP, and Jitter Buffer.

    11. VoIP Voice Network Bit Rate Calculations.

    12. Clock Sources for VoIP Applications.

    13. VoIP Voice Testing.

    14. Fax Operation on PSTN, Modulations, and Fax Messages.

    15. Fax Over IP and Modem Over IP.

    16. Fax Over IP Payload Formats and Bit Rate Calculations.

    17. Country Deviations of the PSTN Mapped to VoIP.

    18. Voice Packets Jitter with Large Data Packets.

    19. VoIP on Different Processors and Architectures.

    20. VoIP Voice Quality.

    21. VoIP Voice FAQs.

    22. Basic Fax and Fax Over IP FAQs.

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    592 pagina's
    Januari 2008
    953 gram
    235 x 159 x 32 mm
    Wiley-Blackwell us

    Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen