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Michael Kowalski

Ethics of counterterrorism

€ 27.50

The terrorist attacks that have been haunting European capitals show us that counterterrorism is necessary and essential in modern day society. The intelligence services and other organisations active in the field of counterterrorism are faced on a daily basis with the question of how extensive and intrusive their actions can be. What are the limits? Which actions are ethical? And most importantly: how do the professionals themselves deal with these – often complex – dilemmas? In Ethics of Counterterrorism scientists, counterterrorism agents and ethicists reflect on this theme and discuss many urgent questions.


1 Introduction
Michael Kowalski

2 Public service ethics and integrity: Some general lessons
Patrick Overeem

3 Ethics on the radar: Towards an ethical framework and
infrastructure for counterterrorism professionals
Michael Kowalski

4 Methods to address ethical issues in counterterrorism: An overview
of methods and tools used to address and manage ethical issues in
healthcare, social work, police and the military
Anke van Gorp, Stijn Hoorens

5 Dealing with moral issues in counterterrorism: Moral case
deliberation as method
Froukje Weidema, Bert Molewijk

6 Choices at work: Professional ethics in the context of
counterterrorism in the Dutch Security and Intelligence
Marianne van Leeuwen

7 Threats and guarantees for ethical behaviour in the world of
intelligence and security
Paul H.A.M. Abels

8 There were no ethics
By a European retired intelligence professional

9 Casuistry in counterterrorism: What can we learn from expert’s
reflections on fictional ethical dilemmas?
Michael Kowalski

10 Reflection and action: A study on moral learning consultation
within Dutch prison authorities
Gijs van Houwelingen, Niek Hoogervorst, Marius van Dijke,
Lisanne Versteegt

11 Co-terrorism, antagonistic cooperation and ethics: Unorthodox
remarks about some beneficiaries of terrorism 199
Uwe Kemmesies

12 Ethical Europe on a slippery slope? An assessment of the ethics of
EU counterterrorism
Monica den Boer

13 Ethical challenges of data surveillance
Jelle van Buuren

14 Concluding remarks
Michael Kowalski

Taal / Language : English

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Paperback / softback
264 pagina's
Februari 2017
479 gram
230 x 150 x 20 mm

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