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McConnell, Fiona

Rehearsing the State

The Political Practices of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile

€ 100.05

Rehearsing the State presents a comprehensive investigation of the institutions, performances, and actors through which the Tibetan Government-in-Exile is rehearsing statecraft. McConnell offers new insights into how communities officially excluded from formal state politics enact hoped-for futures and seek legitimacy in the present.

Taal / Language : English



Notes on transliteration

1. Introduction

The case of Exile Tibet

The state as aspirational: thinking across state spaces, temporalities and performances

Researching a state-that-is-not-a-state

Narrating the rehearsal of stateness

The politics of researching exile Tibet

2. Rethinking the (non)state: time/ space/ performance

The state of statelessness

Out-of-place and out-of-time: the spatialities and temporalities of exile

Unbundling sovereignty, territory and the state


Performing and rehearsing the state

3. Setting the scene: contested narratives of Tibetan statehood

Prelude I. Pre-modern Tibet as a stateless society ?

Prelude II. Tibet and its neighbours: contested narratives of territory and authority

De facto statehood claimed (1911-1949)

De facto statehood lost (1949-1959)

Introducing the exile cast and plot

Past to present: continuities and disjunctures

4. Rehearsal spaces: the material and symbolic roles of exile Tibetan settlements

The spatiality of Tibet in exile

Rehearsing state-like governance

Limits to the settlements as state spaces

Rehearsing Tibetanness

Conclusion: territorialising exile governance

5. Playwright and cast: crafting legitimacy in exile

The Dalai Lama as playwright charismatic leader and democratic visionary

Rational-legal authority and the construction of a bureaucracy in exile

Professionalising the exile Tibetan bureaucracy

Conclusion: constructing legitimacy through crafting a state

6. Scripting the state: constructing a population, welfare state and citizenship in exile

Scripting and managing a population-in-waiting

Welfare provision and delineating a civil society and economy in exile

Collective scripts of citizenship and refugeehood

Conclusion: believing in state-like scripts

7. Audiences of statecraft: negotiating hospitality and performing diplomacy

Being exiled guests in a host state

Performing diplomacy and good governance for Western audiences

Engaging the occupying state: the challenge of China

Conclusion: ambivalent stateness?

8. Conclusion: Rehearsing stateness

Uncertain futures in exile: rehearsal unravelling?

The contingency of stateness

The creativity of liminality

The state (idea) as aspirational

Rehearsing geopolitical futures: ambivalence and openness


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240 pagina's
Januari 2016
Wiley-Blackwell gb
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen