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John T. Matthews

A Companion to the Modern American Novel 1900 - 1950

€ 56.05

This cutting-edge Companion is a comprehensive resource for the study of the modern American novel. Published at a time when literary modernism is being thoroughly reassessed, it reflects current investigations into the origins and character of the movement as a whole.

Taal / Language : English

Notes on Contributors viii List of Figures xiii Preface xiv Acknowledgments xxiii 1 An Economic History of the United States 1900–1950 1 Eric Rauchway 2 The Changing Status of Women 1900–1950 13 Nancy Woloch 3 The Status of African Americans 1900–1950 31 Matthew Pratt Guterl 4 Pragmatism, Power, and the Politics of Aesthetic Experience 56 Jeanne Follansbee Quinn 5 Class and Sex in American Fiction: From Casual Laborers to Accidental Desires 73 Michael Trask 6 Jazz: From the Gutter to the Mainstream 91 Jeremy Yudkin 7 French Visual Humanisms and the American Style 116 Justus Nieland 8 Early Literary Modernism 141 Andrew Lawson 9 Naturalism: Turn-of-the-Century Modernism 160 Donna Campbell 10 Money and Things: Capitalist Realism, Anxiety, and Social Critique in Works by Hemingway, Wharton, and Fitzgerald 181 Richard Godden 11 Chronic Modernism 202 Leigh Anne Duck 12 New Regionalisms: Literature and Uneven Development 218 Hsuan L. Hsu 13 `The Possibilities of Hard-Won Land`: Midwestern Modernism and the Novel 240 Edward P. Comentale 14 Writing the Modern South 266 Susan V. Donaldson 15 What Was High About Modernism? The American Novel and Modernity 282 John T. Matthews 16 African-American Modernisms 306 Michelle Stephens 17 Ethnic Modernism 324 Rita Keresztesi 18 The Proletarian Novel 353 Barbara Foley 19 Revolutionary Sentiments: Modern American Domestic Fiction and the Rise of the Welfare State 367 Susan Edmunds 20 Lesbian Fiction 1900–1950 392 Heather Love 21 The Gay Novel in the United States 1900–1950 414 Christopher Looby 22 The Popular Western 437 William R. Handley 23 Twentieth-Century American Crime and Detective Fiction 454 Charles J. Rzepka 24 What Price Hollywood? Modern American Writers and the Movies 466 Mark Eaton 25 The Belated Tradition of Asian-American Modernism 496 Delia Konzett 26 Modernism and Protopostmodernism 518 Patrick O`Donnell 27 The Modern Novel in a New World Context 535 George B. Handley 28 Reheated Figures: Five Ways of Looking at Leftovers 554 Jani Scandura Index 579
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Paperback / softback
616 pagina's
Januari 2013
926 gram
243 x 171 x 29 mm
Wiley-Blackwell gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen