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    Mat Fraser,Hard Work Pays Off
    Hard Work Pays Off
    transform Your Body and Mind with CrossFit?s Five-Time Fittest Man on Eart
    € 25.95
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    Train with the Fittest Man on Earth - 5-time CrossFit Champion Mat Fraser.

    No matter your level of fitness, no matter if you`ve never attempted CrossFit before, this book is your total training manual.

    No one can say they`re a better all-around athlete than Mat Fraser. Weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, running, swimming, rowing, Strongman: he`s relentlessly trained them all, so you don`t have to.

    In this ground-breaking book, Fraser reveals the secrets of his success to help you transform your own body and mind. Structured into sections on strength, endurance, speed, coordination, mental and recovery, Mat shares workouts, illustrations, techniques, recipes and advice. From push-ups to sprints, rope climbs to deadlifts, high-knee drills to swimming intervals, the book showcases CrossFit`s uniquely wide-ranging and infinitely scalable approach to exercise. There is tailored advice for beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes.

    So take this book to the gym. Write your personal records in the margins. Circle the illustrations of techniques you need to master. And most of all, do the workouts. Because Mat Fraser can promise you this: hard work pays off.

    Taal / Language : English

    Extra informatie:

    Paperback / softback
    272 pagina's
    Met illustraties
    Januari 2022
    398 gram
    233 x 152 x 25 mm
    EAN: 9781529135794

    Levertijd: 1 tot 2 werkdagen