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  • Mark Zegeling,Kingdom by the Sea
  • Mark Zegeling,Kingdom by the Sea
Mark Zegeling,Kingdom by the Sea
Kingdom by the Sea
a Celebration of Dutch cultural heritage
Little Kingdom by the Sea
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From the 17th century onwards, Dutch merchants and traders have traveled the seven seas in search of new opportunities. In the Golden Age, Amsterdam became the warehouse of the world and the gateway to Europe. At the same time, Dutch scientists unravelled the mysteries of daily life, while painters presented a new vision of reality and changed the world of art. The inspiring stories of courageous pioneers, innovative entrepreneurs, talented artists and other notable characters have captured our imagination for centuries. Their spirit of innovation, multiculturalism and creativity have been essential to transform the Netherlands into a cosmopolitan melting pot.

Since the 1950s, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines presents every World Business Class passenger with a Delft Blue miniature house. Each replica depicts a real monument or national landmark. Over the years, the iconic Delft Blue collection has become an unrivaled phenomenon in the world of travel. The beautiful canal houses and sumptuous mansions were mainly built during the Dutch Golden Age. Prominent inhabitants like the Dutch Marco Polo, members of the royal family, Rembrandt, Anne Frank and Mata Hari made their mark on Dutch history, and added color and luster to the country.

This coffee table book `Kingdom by the Sea` offers an exclusive peak into the lives of people who pushed the boundaries of a country limited in size but great in hopes and dreams. Have a great flight through 500 years of Dutch cultural heritage, and a safe landing at a Delft blue destination.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie:
Little Kingdom by the Sea
448 pagina's
Met illustraties
April 2022
3077 gram
348 x 253 x 45 mm
EAN: 9789081905640
MarkMedia & Art

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