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Levende natuur
Biologie algemeen

Janet Mann

Cetacean Societies

€ 89.95

Taal / Language : English

Contributors ix
Foreword xi
Richard Wrangham
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction: The Social Lives of Whales and Dolphins 1(8)
Richard C. Connor
Janet Mann
Peter L. Tyack
Hal Whitehead
Part I History and Methods
Flukeprints: A History of Studying Cetacean Societies
Amy Samuels
Peter L. Tyack
Unraveling the Dynamics of Social Life: Long-term Studies and Observational Methods
Janet Mann
Studying Cetacean Social Structure in Space and Time: Innovative Techniques
Hal Whitehead
Jenny Christal
Peter L. Tyack
Part 2 Four Species
The Bottlenose Dolphin: Social Relationships in a Fission-Fusion Society
Richard C. Connor
Randall S. Wells
Janet Mann
Andrew J. Read
The Killer Whale: Foraging Specialization and Group Hunting
Robin W. Baird
The Sperm Whale: Social Females and Roving Males
Hal Whitehead
Linda Weilgart
The Humpback Whale: Seasonal Feeding and Breeding in a Baleen Whale
Phillip J. Clapham
Part 3 Comparative Studies, Theory, and Conservation
Group Living in Whales and Dolphins
Richard C. Connor
Female Reproductive Strategies of Cetaceans: Life Histories and Calf Care
Hal Whitehead
Janet Mann
Male Reproductive Strategies and Social Bonds
Richard C. Connor
Andrew J. Read
Richard Wrangham
Functional Aspects of Cetacean Communication
Peter L. Tyack
Science and the Conservation, Protection, and Management of Wild Cetaceans
Hal Whitehead
Randall R. Reeves
Peter L. Tyack
Epilogue: The Future of Behavioral Research on Cetaceans in the Wild
Peter L. Tyack
Richard C. Connor
Janet Mann
Hal Whitehead
Appendix 1: Cetacean Phylogeny and Evolution 341(2)
Appendix 2: Catacean Taxonomy 343(6)
References 349(58)
Citation Index 407(8)
Subject Index 415
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Paperback / softback
436 pagina's
1250 gram
280 x 215 x 32 mm
The University of Chicago Press us

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