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Devorah Major

And Then We Became

€ 14.95

`Who are we humans, with our differences and our personal histories, mythologies and urgencies, as well as our collective struggles and dreams? Why are we here? Questions of culture, ethnicity and gender-and the denial of those borders-infuse these poems, rich with social and political commentary, and filled with compassion, love, anger and hope. Even while writing of one child, one homeless person, one soldier, one war survivor, devorah major connects these individual stories to a contemplation of humanity`s place in the cosmos. `I hate to turn on the radio each morning where I hear that men haven`t changed, staying in office for generations and generally acting the fool. devorah major uses the many voices of women to explore a world that we know less about than the oceans of Enceladus. The great thing about devorah`s book is that we can`t interrupt as she rolls out the indictment poem by poem.`-Ishmael Reed `In and then we became, devorah major steps out of the way and allows creation to craft creation. The structures and paints of her descriptions have incredible range of effect: the ascension into the first history a free people teach, the short story perceived through possession, the melodic start-stop motion of a debilitated life, the flash of yourtorturer`s dream; all part of a collaged panoramic of spirit and flesh. She is at home in all dimensions of her subject. The voices of this work walk straight toward you holding out moments of violence, lament, beauty, and invincibility for you to embrace, offering a face to become your own.`--Tongo Eisen-Martin devorah major, poet, novelist, YA author, and educator, served as San Francisco`s Poet Laureate from 2002-2006`-

Taal / Language : English

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Paperback / softback
76 pagina's
Januari 2016
91 gram
178 x 127 x 6 mm
City Lights Books us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen