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    Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai,Intercultural Communication
    Intercultural Communication
    an interdisciplinary approach: when neurons, genes, and evolution joined the discourse
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    This book is an introduction to Intercultural Communication (IC) that takes into account the much neglected dynamic paradigm of culture in the literature. It posits that culture is not static, context is the driving force for change, and individuals can develop a multicultural mind.
    It is also the first IC textbook in the field that incorporates insight from evolutionary biology and the newly emerging discipline of cultural
    neurosciences. Such an interdisciplinary approach provides readers with new angles, encourages critical thinking, and sometimes challenges conventional knowledge in the field. The combination of the author`s multicultural
    academic and journalistic background contributes to a balance of diverse perspectives and world views on cultural theories and discourses. The book is ideal for courses in Intercultural Communication
    with study cases, discussion topics and class activities.

    Taal / Language : English

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    Paperback / softback
    360 pagina's
    Met illustraties
    Mei 2017
    624 gram
    235 x 157 x 25 mm
    EAN: 9789462985414
    AUP Educatief

    Levertijd: 1 tot 2 werkdagen